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    1985 Fj60 $3500

    hmm... considering shipping costs to Alberta...
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    new to cruisers

    Offer is greatly appreciated, the van crusier i was interested in sold, but if I find another one out there i will be sure to take you up on it
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    FS - 1989 FJ62 $5000 in Michigan

    I think im in love, going to school to be a teacher, but live all the way in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Coming this way any time soon? Also, 6cyl?
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    new to cruisers

    Hmm, got some undercarriage pics from the diesel, and shes looking pretty rusty underneath. The gas one apparently has almost no rust underneath... maybe leaning more that way now, or might wait for the right diesel to come along...:confused:
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    new to cruisers

    Ya, the diesel is looking like the better deal. Just wish it was closer, as a trip to vancouver from calgary, only to find something unexpected would really suck
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    new to cruisers

    Hey guys, Have an 85 4runner right now, but am looking to trade up for my first landcruiser 60 series wagon, and I have a bit of a dilemma. I have it narrowwed down to 2. first one is a 3 hour drive from my house, has the I6, is automatic and has about 235000 km for $4500. Other one is...
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