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  1. 73fj40lc

    Warn XD9000i rebuild

    I have two XD9000I that I have had for over 20 years. Great winches and even after hard use at times they have never let me down. I have rebuilt the one on my 40 and the one on my Z71 I haven't rebuilt it yet. I bought it new in 1993 and it is still going strong. :hillbilly:
  2. 73fj40lc

    Wire size for winch controller relocation

    Like @1911 said I have always used 2ga for power cables or anything carrying the full amperage of the winch.
  3. 73fj40lc

    PTO Winch Information

    Ask and @73FJ40 shall deliver. I am glad he knows because I don't know crap about the PTO winches but have always wanted to play with one to see how well it functions. Love the classic looks of them.
  4. 73fj40lc

    PTO Winch Information

    You seemed to have already have a good grasp on what the problem was just not what was actually causing it. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't something simple that you were overlooking. Hopefully my post will help someone later on that needed the info. I really am curious to know what...
  5. 73fj40lc

    PTO Winch Information

    Since you don't yet have the rope on the drum are you sure you aren't visualizing the direction that the drum should be moving in your mind wrong? I am not exactly sure what your issue is but just to make sure that we are all on the same page as far as putting the rope on a winch. How you wind...
  6. 73fj40lc

    What winch to buy

    Two XD9000I's one 1992 and 1993 both used heavily and still kicking. I got the 1992 used and re built it simply because I wanted to make sure everything was in good shape. I worked perfectly I did it for my peace of mind. 1993 I bought new and it has never re built and still running very strong...
  7. 73fj40lc

    Warn XD9000i first run, bad ground

    A winch is just like a loaded gun. It the right hands it is completely safe but in the wrong or inexperienced hands it will kill you. Just follow your basic safety protocols and don't let anyone stand anywhere near the cable or vehicle when you are winching. When winching drape a floor mat or...
  8. 73fj40lc

    Warn XD9000i first run, bad ground

    Just for your info. This is the amp Ratings on the XD9000I off the warn website.
  9. 73fj40lc

    Warn XD9000i first run, bad ground

    I hope this helps you out. I have the XD9000I on both my Z71 and my FJ40. I bought the one on my Z71 new in 1993. I originally had it on a 1993 Toyota 4x4 V6 pickup and it ended up on my Z71 after I sold the Toyota pickup. The XD9000I on my 40 I bought from a friend. He bought it new in 1992 and...
  10. 73fj40lc

    Warn XD9000i first run, bad ground

    Find the bolt diameter you have on the winch and battery. Measure the length of cable you need and go to the nearest welding shop and get a 2 ga. ground cable made up. It won't be cheap because of the price of copper or you can PM Warn on the forum to get a cable from them. Warn is a authorized...
  11. 73fj40lc

    Warn XD9000i first run, bad ground

    The winch isn't intended to really ground to the bumper. The frame of the winch can be a ground if you have a really good contact and you have a sufficient sized vehicle ground cable. Your winch should be grounded straight to your battery. If something happens to your vehicles frame ground and...
  12. 73fj40lc

    Snatch blocks

    Just remember that whatever the pulling capacity is on your winch is you need to have more than double that rating on your snatch block. You don't increase the strain on the cable by using a snatch block but you do on your snatch block and anchor point. I know that the whole subject can get...
  13. 73fj40lc

    Which and Why? Hawse or Roller?

    I do believe that mine are the Viking Delrin rollers that aren’t offered anymore. If you are still looking for a substitute I would use aluminum rollers if I ever had to replace the rollers that I currently have.
  14. 73fj40lc

    Essential winching accessories?

    Same here on 2 Warn kits in my Z71 and 40. I have also had them for a long time and if you take care of them they will last forever. I have added shackles, chains and straps over time. Buy quality to start and you will won't have to buy again. Start with the Winch kit add a ARB tire deflate...
  15. 73fj40lc

    *just* pulled this guy out

    That is the problem with the world today. There is someone always watching. You need to be more concerned about his view of you than anybody else in this world. So many people today just don't care. There will come a day when his view will be the most important thing in your entire existence.
  16. 73fj40lc

    Project : VR12000 switch to synthetic line and...

    As far as the bumper goes go ahead and do what you are planning and then look at some type of bedliner to put over the paint. I had a similar problem and I completely got rid of the rust then painted with a etching primer. After the primer I sprayed bedliner on the bumper. So far after a few...
  17. 73fj40lc

    Totally Stupid Idea (mount winch backwards)

    What 1911 said is spot on. I wouldn't do it. You may be able to reinforce the base plate but the mounting bolts and winch body you won't be able to reinforce.
  18. 73fj40lc

    M12000 Winch - What Fuse to use?

    I have owned and used winches for over 20 years. I have always done the straight to the battery method. I knew that Warn winches had 2 in and 2 out solenoids, so I didn't think it was necessary to have a switch. I never really thought about getting in a wreck and having a short circuit...
  19. 73fj40lc

    Can I Mount a Winch on This Brush Guard?

    If a bumper isn't designed and made to be a winch bumper then the steel won't be the same as a winch bumper or winch brush guard. I have seen factory bumpers ripped off a vehicle when used as a recovery point. Never cheap out on a product when you will potentially stress it to thousands of...
  20. 73fj40lc

    Which and Why? Hawse or Roller?

    No mine are not the Daystar crap. I bought mine years ago and I believe that mine are made out of hard durable delrin plastic. I don't remember where I purchased them from. I thought that they were still being offered. I have looked online and it doesn't look like they are offered anymore as I...
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