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  1. FL cruiser

    Builds Rig Build Ups and Diesel Swaps

    A link to add: Isuzu - Round2
  2. FL cruiser

    87 FJ60 GM 6.2 Sidewinder Turbo Swap

    The Marks adapter motor mounts will put the exh manifold into the steering box. It puts the engine 3" left of center. About the same as where the 2F sits. Some people have put their 6.2's at center to clear the steering box, but it does put the transfer case shifter right of it's hole in the...
  3. FL cruiser

    diesel swap options that are in production

    I have ran them for quite a few years. One I run the hell out of, no issues, no cracks. They have been trouble free engines. The MPG's aren't all that great. I will say I found since buying a 7500 lb DI Cummins truck that it gets the same MPG's as the Isuzu's and almost as good as 2H and 3B...
  4. FL cruiser

    4BD2T swap to '94, NV4500, T-case issue

    I know you probably wouldn't be thrilled about the expense of changing to a centered rear end, but a centered output transfer case might be better suited behind a 4cyl diesel that's going be run hard, towing or driven many hours straight. I've had two transfer case failures in the past due to...
  5. FL cruiser

    AltFuel make a wvo tanke with fuel sealant vs welding

    I found a used low profile marine tank that fit in the cargo area. It's only 6" tall so doesn't take up much space and holds 37 gal. For the low price of a used tank, if you find one that fits, it might not be worth the hassle of building one. I tried a tank on the roof rack, but made the...
  6. FL cruiser

    Chev 5.7 diesel

    You have your best chance with the 1980/1981 model years. They may live a normal life if babied. All the previous years are guaranteed to fail at any given time.
  7. FL cruiser

    AltFuel What is this system worth?

    Half the price of new is usually a good starting point.
  8. FL cruiser

    AltFuel WVO/biodiesel registry?

    Why's that? I've run heat exchangers for power steering and/or motor oil cooling after the veggie heat exchangers w/o any ill effects.
  9. FL cruiser

    Anyone use a bypass oil filter setup?

    I run a Harvard bypass filter. Still end up changing the oil at regular intervals though.
  10. FL cruiser

    AltFuel Pat's WVO thread

    I think it's cool! :cheers:
  11. FL cruiser

    AltFuel Pat's WVO thread

    A check valve isn't a bad idea, and in theory the closer to the fuel source the better. I wouldn't put it in the tank the tank though. The veggie in the tank will generate it's own particles or "fallout". You can filter the veggie down to two microns before putting it in the tank, and the pickup...
  12. FL cruiser

    AltFuel Pat's WVO thread

    Are you running separate fuel pumps for each fuel system or the same pump? If your running separate pumps and an electric on the veggie, most stock pumps and electric pumps have the check valve built in. If you're using an electric pump, where is it located?
  13. FL cruiser

    AltFuel Pat's WVO thread

    Hi Pat, Just now saw your thread. A temp gauge with a sender T'd in somewhere on your veggie supply line close to the engine will always keep you informed what your veggie temp is. An electrical water temp gauge works fine with a 1/4 or 3/8 pipe T for the sender. The looped idea is a simple...
  14. FL cruiser

    GM 6.5 TD & NV4500 fj60 swap

    I did a 6.2/NV4500 swap No body lift is required. You can even get by w/o a suspension lift. I drove mine around for a while with no lift at all. The diff tapped the oil pan a few times on severe bumps. With a 2 1/2" OME lift never had a problem...
  15. FL cruiser

    aussie lockers?

    The answer is yes. Wheel in the air, it's still spinning. I run F&R Aussie Lockers. Tight turns in confined areas that 4WD is needed is the only place i don't like them. For hardcore wheeling when there is some good wheel speed and bouncing on hard surfaces (big rocks) and extreme...
  16. FL cruiser

    Builds Isuzu 4BD1T Lexus LX450 (Land Cruiser) Build

    I bought one. It was a Chinese pump in a Gates box. Maybe it's what Gates sells? Either that or it got swapped out for the Chinese one by the Ebay seller I bought it from. Anyway it lasted about four months. The bearing seized, shaft came out, and the fan went into the radiator:mad:
  17. FL cruiser

    '96 NPR for coversion

    A Ford starter solenoid mounted on the firewall works well. You can use a low amp (3amp) easy to push momentary switch and light 16 or 18 gauge wiring in the cab.
  18. FL cruiser

    6.5 brunswick in FJ40

    Find out what year the engine is. Also block stamping codes can indicate the vicinity of which years the engine was made. block codes are the large stamped numbers at the rear above the bell housing. Try to avoid engines made from 97 to mid 99 with the stamping code last three digits ending...
  19. FL cruiser

    Builds FZJ80 6.5TD diesel swap build thread

    I've always had to run an additional starter solenoid as Torfab suggests. Here's a wiring diagram. what applies to a Chevy, applies to a Toyota
  20. FL cruiser

    *Best* diesel conversion for an FJ 60?

    With your lift constraints, you're limited to Toyota or GM 6.2/6.5 The Isuzu gets challenging and complicated for anything under a 4" lift. With your lift AND budget constraints, you're pretty much limited to a GM 6.2/6.5. It's easy to mate an NV4500 to one of these engines. Why not go...
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