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  1. Dparo

    Dparo's 2007 Adventure Build

    @swhme It is the Trekboxx Aux Work Station.
  2. Dparo

    Vibration with New BFG KO2 on ICON Vector 5s

    I didn't notice that this was a month old. To the best of my knowledge you shouldn't need spacers to get the wheel to fit, only I suppose if you want to use the included center caps. Find my thread on SCS wheels, I had a similar experience with the ICON except the ICONS will fit if they are...
  3. Dparo

    Vibration with New BFG KO2 on ICON Vector 5s

    Also, I should add that ICON gave me a bad wheel once that was not the same bore as the other four that I ordered. They will not honor a warranty on their lousy manufacturing process and send you a new one because they said all wheels should be test fitted to all locations prior to installing...
  4. Dparo

    Vibration with New BFG KO2 on ICON Vector 5s

    Verify the wheel is actually mounted against the hub and not the hub bolts like Discount Tire did for mine. With the amount of errors I have experienced with DT I switched to a local small business. DT couldn't find a slow leak on my 200 (wife took it in) that I found in two minutes, 45...
  5. Dparo

    Full vehicle sun shades for 100 series?

    I have the Heatshield windshield and side window screens.
  6. Dparo

    Anyone using X2 Power batteries?

    Here is mine.
  7. Dparo

    Anyone using X2 Power batteries?

    I'll see if I have a pic or if not I will take one. Mine clears, once I see it again maybe it will joggle the memory on if there was anything that stood out.
  8. Dparo

    Fluid Film Application Tips.

    I use woolwax. I find that it lasts longer and seems to stick better.
  9. Dparo

    What are your 10 essentials?

    That's not the thread I'm thinking of but that definitely would be a nightmare to deal with. I was looking to replace the main tank. Meh, maybe carrying an extra 20L Scepter isn't the end of the world.
  10. Dparo

    LC Mechanic/Shop in Bitterroot Valley, MT ?

    Doesn't AEV have a location in Missoula? They might be able to point you in the right direction.
  11. Dparo

    What are your 10 essentials?

    I looked and looked and I swear someone posted on this forum about being a supplier of tanks for the VVTI years, I just can't find it though.
  12. Dparo

    100 Series Salvage/Rebuilt Title

    As someone that has bought and also sold a rebuilt titled vehicle it was something I wouldn't do again. If you have no intention on selling or expect to not sell at normal value then it is a known risk. I'd check with your insurance company first to be sure they will offer coverage for it...
  13. Dparo

    Where can I find a factory drop-in center console organizer?

    I just gave mine away to someone on this forum, looks like it's a popular piece.
  14. Dparo

    I Hate Mark Levinson

    Just read his wiki. I don't like him either. Serious though, just dump the factory amp and get something else and make life easier.
  15. Dparo

    Dparo's 2007 Adventure Build

    I think the 23 year is, I've never owned a bottle though of any of them. I have tried them all, best bang for the buck was the 15 year.
  16. Dparo

    Dparo's 2007 Adventure Build

    Had not really done too much in between the trips but it was time to head back to Kentucky for the 4th Annual KTTR. Always a fun time, didn't take too many pics though. Stopped by BT on the way and picked up my three month allocation. Walk out for a few minutes and someone wants my spot...
  17. Dparo

    Is EV conversion possible for Hundy's?

    Yeah, my commute is 47 miles each way and a couple of years ago when Musk was taking bitcoin I seriously considered getting a Plaid S with Ludicrous Mode or whatever it was. My work also offers free charging. The EV tax credit soon became offset by higher prices and talk of the politicians...
  18. Dparo

    Speaker Replacement Question

    It's a rabbit hole. I replaced everything and went with some fairly expensive gear in my 100, in my 80 I'm just doing the basics for podcast listening mostly. If your goal was to replace broken equipment then I'm sure you met it.
  19. Dparo

    Dparo's 2007 Adventure Build

    After Challis ran down to Bayhorse then went to Shoup along the Salmon River.
  20. Dparo

    Dparo's 2007 Adventure Build

    One of the other things that I wanted to do was take the Custer Motorway from Custer to Challis. Pretty basic drive but had some nice views. It used to be a toll road long ago.
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