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  1. azrider

    seat foam repair and leather installer in Phx recommendation wanted

    does anyone know of a good upholstery shop in the Phx or surrounding area to build up my broken down seat foam and install the Mosley Motors leather?
  2. azrider

    Rear main seal needs done

    well I will crawl underneath this weekend, wipe it all down and hopefully see where the actual oil leak is coming from if you guys think it doesn't need done again. Not to mention it was a little pricey getting it done.
  3. azrider

    Rear main seal needs done

    Had it replaced at Camelback Toyota a few years ago and it’s leaking again. Where’s the go too place now that Murph ain’t there anymore?
  4. azrider

    Pieces and part's 80 series

    I just purchased a valance from partsouq.
  5. azrider

    How do I fix my 4X4 Labs bumper?

    Know anyone local that could do it?
  6. azrider

    How do I fix my 4X4 Labs bumper?

    sounds good Phil, you have the whole top piece? What do you think would be better or easier to fix it? Like I said, I don't have the ability or tools to do this myself. I don't think a portapower( I imagine that's gotta be some type of mechanism you put in and it spreads it apart) would bend...
  7. azrider

    How do I fix my 4X4 Labs bumper?

    So I contacted 4X4 Labs and they immediately got back to me. They said I could buy just the one section for $200 plus shipping. So I'll do that. Now who can do this for me, anyone know? I have cash and beer!!
  8. azrider

    How do I fix my 4X4 Labs bumper?

    uh, not gonna give you f***ers a Labs bumpers for pocket change cuz its got a little dent in it, I'll figure it out. Was just looking for a local welder to get this sorted for a few bucks.
  9. azrider

    How do I fix my 4X4 Labs bumper?

    Quite a few years ago I bought my Labs kit and Brittan Smith welded it up for me. Then I was in a hurry to park my truck at work and hit a pole base of a unlit parking lot light. Hasn't been a big deal over the years, and it works fine except that the swing out hits a little on the top when...
  10. azrider


    Ive been out of the cruiser loop for a bit because of teenage kids and their sports and brother Rob told me about Kevin. Kevin was awesome and helped me with my lift on my cruiser and spent quite a few Cruise Moab's and event runs with him. Great guy and of course a wealth of cruiser...
  11. azrider

    Events/Trails Saddletramp's 2019 Summer Adventure

    just read your trip report from beginning to end. So awesome to do that. Thank you.
  12. azrider

    96 LX450 Part Out

    is the color of the cruiser green? holy s***, I need those mirrors if it is!
  13. azrider

    Need DS mirror for my green LX450

    you need to simmer down there Murf, got alot on my plate and my cruiser is being neglected and it makes me sad. i'll gets it up to snuff and join in again with the crowd. Called Camelback Toyota today, $219 for a mirror, and it comes pre-painted. Any clue whether theres a difference between...
  14. azrider

    Need DS mirror for my green LX450

    Ive been out out of the loop for awhile and trying to get my cruiser back in shape. Ive searched the classified and inquired about DS mirrors but little luck. The post is broken and then upon trying to disassemble the stupid thing my glass breaks. So now i need the glass too!! Any leads on...
  15. azrider

    Avondale/Buckeye to Tucson?

    I live in Goodyear, which is between both. When and where?, I could put it in my wifes Prius and head down there for the cost of fuel plus a few extra bucks. Let me know.
  16. azrider

    OK, who scored the $1500 LX450 in Tucson on CL???

    I badly need a few few flares for mine(PS rear and door cladding), at this point the color doesn't have to be gray. Please pass along the message.
  17. azrider

    For Sale- BajaRack- short rack $400

  18. azrider

    For sale- HK40 USP and Elliptical trainer

    HK sold also, forgot to update.
  19. azrider

    October ROTM 2014 - Mexico Beach Run 10/17 - 10/19/2014

    what a awesome looking trip. I'm jealous, maybe next time.
  20. azrider

    Happy Birthday murf

    happy birthday cracker! a little late, but whatever.
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