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  1. J

    1982 BJ42 Re-Restoration

    Wow, looking great! I would love to nab myself a diesel.
  2. J

    new hampshire vehicle inspection

    There are lots of lifted trucks in NH. It's not like the state has a ban on them. I think you're worrying about nothing.
  3. J

    The old ball & claw

    I knew of a guy who ran 38's on a b&c front end.
  4. J

    Help! FJ40 SBC tune-up spark plugs, distributor questions?

    The tach lead connector on an electronic HEI is right next to the hot wire for the module (red). I don't know what the hell that is in your picture.
  5. J

    7.0 liter 430 Lincoln in my 40

    People have dumped 500 Caddy engines into them. I can't see why you couldn't get a 430 in there.
  6. J

    Oyaji Jon's '74 FJ40

    Your plans sound great.
  7. J

    Coil Springs under 40s, again...

    It seems that most people I've seen here who have used 80 axles under a 40 did so by torching off the buckets and radius arm mounts and running leaves. That has always struck me as counterproductive.
  8. J

    Engine jeep TJ 4l on the Bj42

    Though it's a bit blasphemous, the 4.0L is a good engine. I think you would have to use the tranny/x-fer from the Jeep as well, as I doubt any adapters are available. Someone on here swapped a Jag V-12 into a 40, so anything is possible.
  9. J

    Rollcage install

    Looks great. I can't believe there was no rot on the tub rails after removing the hardtop for the first time in 40 years. I guess I'm just not used to dry climate rigs...
  10. J

    what size tires can I get on the OEM 16" rims?

    I've think you could run something up to a Q78 (~36" x 10") or a 38.5" x 11" Bogger on them if you wanted to.
  11. J

    ROTW-1222 nuclearlemon's 68 v8j40

    One of my favorites. I love the rat rod paint job. :beer:
  12. J

    Ultimate tall skinnies?

    I would expect a rough ride from those, as I'm sure they're bias and have a heavy load rating.
  13. J

    Just Bought A FJ-40, Now What ???

    That thing looks mint.
  14. J

    snowp[low on a 40

    Plow with an old Chevy. 40's are prone to enough rust problems without a tidal wave of road salt.
  15. J

    45 rust - how bad could it be?

    I wouldn't buy that sight unseen. That looks to be some substantial rust for something billed as clean, and who knows what's been covered with filler. My dad always warned me about white "restored" cars, i.e., "bring a magnet."
  16. J

    Got my first FJ40 (pics and info)

    It looks really good. I had 34" x 9.5" TSL's on my old one with 1-1/2" lift for a while. They were tight.
  17. J

    next best thing to ARB locker??

    Detroit or Aussie/Lock-Rite
  18. J

    Anyone ever shortened the front of a 40?

    If I'm reading this correctly, I think all you need to do is lengthen your wheelbase. Flip your front springs and run 55 springs in the rear.
  19. J

    33" Tiers with a Spring Over

    I had 33's on my SOA 40. It looked like I had room in the wheel wells to stack another 33" tire on top of each. It largely depends on the height of the SOA and the width of the 33's.
  20. J

    Stock Power Steering Problems

    That first pic is awesome. That's quite a rock face.
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