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  1. takeitforgranite

    FJ-60 Back Window Removal

    Wow; did we really all bulldoze over the fact that a freaking TRAILER has been made from one of our rigs?!? That's a thing of beauty! :)
  2. takeitforgranite

    The beginning to a facelift!

    Wow... What a buttercup. That vehicle may be one of the cleanest I have seen... Looks like zero rust, zero chrome chipping, zero damage. Lucky!!! And, holy hell - you can see reflections in the paint. Mmmm.
  3. takeitforgranite

    Bilstien 5150 for the fronts

    Yep. I have 5150's on my rig - stock mounts, added the posts, easy-peasy.
  4. takeitforgranite

    Autozone Alternators no longer made in Mexico

    Good mental note for the future! Thanks!
  5. takeitforgranite

    Tuffy console info, sharing

    Any idea where you found that bracket?
  6. takeitforgranite

    Mounting a license plate to an ARB bullbar

    You guys are too fancy with your zip-ties..... Mine's on the dash! :D
  7. takeitforgranite

    Magnaflow install

    x2. they should have known to angle it up a bit more... it's going to drag on all kinds of crap.
  8. takeitforgranite

    Where to get an overhead console (pic inside)

    Updates? Pics?
  9. takeitforgranite


    I'm going to give the adhesive metallic roll stuff from Home Depot a try... it's only $12-something for a roll. I'll have to post up when I'm done, but probably won't be for some time.
  10. takeitforgranite

    Looking for a badass front winch bumper..... plus, they have sliders. see the link in that thread.
  11. takeitforgranite

    Arb Commpressor To Fill Air Mattres

    I'm still a big fan of the $5.99 double-action floor pump (human-powered). Plus, you can get your mattress as firm as you want.
  12. takeitforgranite

    12ht wont run

    Check out the diesel section... tons of info over there on all manner of toyota diesel woes.
  13. takeitforgranite

    Magnaflow = WHEEEEEE!

    Definitely getting more power with this setup. I'm estimating 6-8mph faster UPHILL (to be exact, up-mountain, it's steep), with FAR better throttle response.
  14. takeitforgranite

    Killer new winch bumper getting fabbed!

    Addict - 1) it's just flat black painted for now. I'm sure I'll powdercoat it at some point... or I'll just do rattle can touch ups for a while... I like the look, either way. 2) Their rear bumper has a swing-down, not a swing-out, and I'm not too crazy about lifting the spare up and...
  15. takeitforgranite

    Military 60

    Pretty sure the only military using FJ60's now is the taliban... all over YouTube... sadly.
  16. takeitforgranite

    Magnaflow = WHEEEEEE!

    To answer some questions... Let's see.... no new downpipe. They built off of the old one. So, it's original downpipe to 3" hi-flow cat to 2.5" midpipe to Magnaflow to 2.5" tailpipe. However, my muffler guy did add two extra clamps and hangers, and re-welded the (smog pump???) pipe to the...
  17. takeitforgranite

    Killer new winch bumper getting fabbed!

    it's up at the top, here's the link: Blazenoffroad 4x4 Parts, Accessories, and Custom Metal Fabrication That would be Cruzila, in the Classifieds section. They come anodized in a bunch of different colors. :D
  18. takeitforgranite

    Need a new steering dampener

    Hmmm... is the caster fixed now? I'd adress that first, and then go with OME. Seems to be a good option if you're using stock Relay Rod Ends... Direct bolt up, no funky brackets needed.
  19. takeitforgranite

    Killer new winch bumper getting fabbed!

    Bump for mud, because it looks good even with mud on it, and for pics of Cruzila's newly-installed, super-cool bezel fairlead. :D
  20. takeitforgranite

    Magnaflow = WHEEEEEE!

    Ok, so it's not a sports car, but 2.5" pipe, magnaflow hi-flow cat, and a magnaflow muffler definitely makes the beast a bit more fun to drive. Plus, it smogged... which is a bonus, because the old exhaust had more holes than a thick slice of swiss cheese. Had to do some tweaking of the carb...
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