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  1. Kynot62

    McGrew 2013 - Official Thread

    Towing is for woosies, LOL Thought about a trailer more than once on our way down... And it only took 15 hours to get home. But had a great time as always. Great to meet you and the spouse, hope to see you next year for some more good BS Tony and Sooz
  2. Kynot62

    Is it bad to find metal in the oil pan?

    Kyle If I remember, duty on parts is minimal somewhere around 2%. If you decide to head up north be sure to let me know and you can stay with us to make the drive home a little more bearable. We are about 2hrs north of Seattle and about the same from BC. You might find that buying a...
  3. Kynot62

    Shop in NW for H55F tranmission install?

    The ratios in the 4 speed box have better spacing between the gears if thats the way to word it. But only if the gearing and tire size is matched to it. The jump from 1st to 2nd (as well as to 3rd) in the H55 is pretty big. I notice it because I run a very low powered 3B, a gas rig may not...
  4. Kynot62

    Removing 3B superglow..... Can I remove it all and go Wilson?

    This might help. I ditched the entire superglow and edic system, replaced with a solenoid for the 10.5V plugs and used a cable shutdown. Just remember that by loosing the edic you also lose the automatic oil pressure shutdown. But this was worth it for me to lose my problem electronics and I...
  5. Kynot62

    Shop in NW for H55F tranmission install?

    I love my H55 but unless you are going to wheel the rig I wouldn't do it. An H42 is actually a better "road tranny" if you are set on a manual. You might think about waiting till the tranny really dies then do the vortec swap and include an auto at the same time. You would be money ahead as...
  6. Kynot62

    Code 28 / High Altitude

    A quick trip to a shop with the computer to read the workings of yours would be money well spent. The sensors on a 62 aren't cheap and you don't want to throw money at parts that may still be good A code 28 doesnt guarantee that the sensor is bad. It could also be the ECU, the circuit, the...
  7. Kynot62

    Cummins 6BT help ..

    Insulation, lots of insulation...(for noise, they are rattle traps) Compare the weight to the original motor, you may need to beef up the front springs Realistically other than finding an adapter for the tcase you shouldn't have to change much. Depends on which rig you are putting it in...
  8. Kynot62

    I want to lower the CG of my SOA wagon. Ideas?

    Unless you run old chevy springs that were designed with a reverse camber.... I seem to remember solid axle Chevy trucks/Blazers and Suburbans from the late 70's and early 80's that had front springs that were arc'ed upward from day 1 If you do replace the windows with plastic, use...
  9. Kynot62

    rear body mount bolts / one inch body lift

    If I remember correctly, just push them out once the nuts are off. The body I replaced was extremely rusty so most of the bolts were corroded into the steel sleeve in the rubber mounts, might take some pounding to get them out. You might even have to sneak a sawzall in a gap and cut the...
  10. Kynot62

    Help with Transmission

    You might pull the inspection cover to see if you have any clutch left and if you do make sure it is disengaging But if your clutch is OK there is a good chance the synchro rings are shot Tony
  11. Kynot62

    Stolen FJ60 San Francisco (Not sure where to Post)

    Hope it turns up... Sadly it takes very little to start a 60 without the key and very often the door lock and ignition will work with a random key. My key will unlock and start my buddies 62... Tony
  12. Kynot62

    Glow Plugs won't light in a 2h HJ60

    The fusible link is not a relay and can't be reset, once it goes it has to be replaced. For the most part it is a wire that burns out if you put too much load on it. Usually they are right next to the battery connection and for some reason I am remembering one in the glow system for my 3B, not...
  13. Kynot62

    Will 2H motor mounts fit on a 3B?

    I am thinking they are a bit different but that doesn't mean it won't fit. Specter does sell 3B mounts and you could get one in a hurry from them if you are in the states. Posting a location might help with a source for parts Tony
  14. Kynot62

    stopped for some diesel, now there is a terrible whining noise!

    Lots of slop in the driveline has nothing to do with a locker That loud pop you heard could have been a gear tooth breaking off Pinion flange could be stripped out Pinion gears (thats the ones in the center of the diff could be shot (but I don't have a lock right so I am not sure you...
  15. Kynot62

    Major grinding sounds from rear - a little help?

    Depending on the carnage inside the diff, mainly the pinion shaft and bearing, it may or may not be rebuildable. I would bet there is ring gear damage as well from watching the video. A functioning used diff may be your best bet. Tony
  16. Kynot62

    Oil Leak

    If I remember correctly what seems to be a bolt next to the cam plug is actually a plug for the oil galley that runs down that side of the block. The bolt that seems to be a locking bolt is just another plug into the oil galley. Farther forward in this same galley is the oil sending unit and...
  17. Kynot62

    lockright identification

    Even though everyone calls it a 9.5 in gear, it is actually closer to the 8.8 Had this same question when I got my ARB air lockers and 8.9" was on the instructions in the box. Even measured my old 4.11 ring gears from my 62 and 8.9 is closer to reality by a long shot than 9.5". 60 and 62's...
  18. Kynot62

    Oil Leak

    That round plug on the back of the block covers the back side of the cam. Be real sure it is not leaking before you put things back together. And yes it could be leaking, but it does look like oil is coming from above that plug. You can also just see the corner of the side cover that is...
  19. Kynot62

    My thoughts......Your thoughts...

    Chris Flip kits are made by Dave Gore in AZ. His business is 4+ (mostly sold through Man a Fre) He goes by LCwizard here on Mud. His flip kits are a great product had mine for years now and they are a great add on, even more so than the lift kit. If you want to get the rig running...
  20. Kynot62

    Definition of an Expedition Vehicle

    Hey Russ Sounds like you had quite the adventure, especially the part about the outhouse! Seems like most of the expo rigs out there are just massively over built wheelers that see little more than dirt roads. At least from all the pics in the expo mags etc. Nothing that can't be handled...
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