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  1. bowyer2002

    Help me understand tongue weight

    What is the distance from your axle (fulcrum) to the hitching point?
  2. bowyer2002

    Help me understand tongue weight

    Simple way would be to stand on a scale & hold the tounge while being weighed. THEN load the tounge as you're proposing and weigh again. My understanding of tounge weight is how many lbs of force are applied to the ball/hitch from the tounge at towing height - this is a static weight...
  3. bowyer2002

    wompser's m416 trailer build

    Hearing protectection only works when used in your ears! :hhmm: Great build - keep up the pics! :clap:
  4. bowyer2002

    My Goldilocks trailer - Kimberley Kamper

    Looks like a whole 3-ring circus could fit under that tent when it is all splayed out! Cool!
  5. bowyer2002

    Box Rocket homemade trailer build

    Just looking at this thread, and having not read the whole thing, this may be a redundant suggestion BUT mount your spare horizontally on the trailer tongue. So that the tire would contact your rear bumper in a jack-knife situation. Just a quick thought! :cheers: Great family, truck and...
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