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    I took my bumper and rock rails off and had them media blasted. I then took them to a local tractor trailer repair shop, they put some epoxy paint on them. They have a great finish now and all of it was reasonably priced.
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    I have the ex one bull bar and love it but I had problems with the powder coating. I would get mine bare metal and paint it or have it painted.
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    eBay '79 40

    Anybody have any ideas on this one, it closed on April 1. Was this a joke? Sweet ride
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    New Pics of my 40!

    Glad I could help;) that was me in the fj you took some pics with. The few we took came out great. I liked the look on your jeep buddies faces as I drove out and they saw my "jeeps are cute, Barbie drives one" sticker. Let me know when you head back
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    Drive an FJ Cruiser with the FJ Trail Team

    Miles of course
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    Drive an FJ Cruiser with the FJ Trail Team

    I hope you all are happy, you have costs me tons of money on mods and my fj is over 100k now. Beach, mountains etc. :) I remember a sweet time on the outer banks
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    For Sale 1993 Locked 80 in VA - IPOR built - Chris Cole Tuned

    Waiting on pics ... nice rig
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    Sandblasting?? In Richmond area

    Anyone know where I can get some sandblasting done in the Richmond area? My rock rails need to have the powder and some rust blasted off so that I can get some new paint on them. My bumper will be next. Thanks Mike
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    craigslist Florida ,not mine

    any body near this guy? I'd be all over the 55 if I can get someone to look at it.
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    For Sale 95 FZJ80 for sale Norfolk VA $6500.00

    So what are the plans? Bumpers? Lift? Looks like a good deal
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    Pre-Christmas Party Party

    I'll come, and bring JD :)
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    For Sale 1975 FJ 40 low miles, I'm third owner

    I would be interested in seeing this 40, where in va are you? I am in Richmond
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    Everyone OK?

    been out of power since 2PM Saturday, a few trees fell but no major damage at my house. I am way out in old church
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    VA 4x4 and event expo

    I will be going
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    4 x 4 expo

    There will be a 4 x 4 expo in Richmond at RIR. Here are details Virginia 4x4 Expo Home I am going, just hope we can get some interest up so these things grow in Va Mike
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    Crozet Pics 6/25/11

    I saw Rob go up a creeckbed blindfolded, I don't think he or that truck has any limits ;)
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    OBX pics and Student Driver

    be right up :-)
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    GWNF trails that are open now(Feb11)

    The rock is on a part of the trail often missed, go above the big campsite and follow that trail straight not crossing the creek again. It's past the trail that was washed out and built back up with railroad ties. Here is a video not taken on my trip but one that has been out there YouTube -...
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    GWNF trails that are open now(Feb11)

    Yes, no one from Mud came is was me aand my neighbors crew. We had a runner. old taco (that broke down) a suzukii samari and a couple of geo trackers. They were fun, sitting on 35's they go anywhere. Up on slick rock there was another group that flipped a runner and further up the trail...
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    Pott's Mountain

    hmmm, never been there. I would be interested if time and schedule permit and gas isn't 10/gal
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