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    Source for trailer / led / overhead lights?

    I couldn't find the shots from how I mounted them in the tent, but I did find shot of the strips I mounted to the frame I built to support my RTT. It does a good job of illustrating what I mean. I actually ran the wiring inside the frame work and tucked a rocker switch right into the frame near...
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    Source for trailer / led / overhead lights?

    Might I recommend LED strip lighting? Comes in lenths (if you hunt around on ebay, you can find a 15 meter roll for under $50). You can cut them to length and they have 3m tape on the back. I mounted some on the bars in my RTT and then wired them to a small plastic junction box that is in the...
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    RTT question

    Onlt weeks from the Kennedy Meadows trip and no trailer updates?????? Whats up with that....How was burning man? Pics of the trailer in use??
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    RTT question

    Go to Harbor Frieght for the nose box....they have a nice one for around 120. As far as the leveling jacks.....Hold off if you can, I can show you how to make some that wont cost much more than 15 bucks worth of steel and misc nuts/bolts and a ratchet strap.
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    RTT question

    Nice work FooDoo!! Are you going to bring that beast to Kennedy?? Maybe set up a bar inside? Poker? You need to come up and take a look at my trailer ideas. Reading some of these posts, it gives me (and my welder) a few ideas to help you out with your annex delema, and I have some goodies for...
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    My new M100 trailer thread

    Was that the one on craigs list?? I am local to you and have some spare M100 parts if you are missing anything...let me know
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    m416 rim / tire combo help

    You can also find new ND military tires for around a 100-130 for the size you are looking for (I buy all mine through Summit Racing, same day shipping and their price is at about the bottom of the rung). And they will last another 40 years. So for around 300 you can basicaly have 2 new rims and...
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    m416 rim / tire combo help

    Just some food for thought...something I did with two of my trailer projects. Take the rims and have them blasted and powdercoated. The rims are usually in good shape and only painted steel. I found a plcae near my house that charged only 80.00 a pair. Cheaper than buying a new set of rims and...
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    Just Purchased: Strick M100

    I have restored 2 M100's from something near that condition. You are in good shape if at least all of the parts are still there (brake parts mostly). Many of the critical smaller parts are out there (bearings/races, wheel nuts, etc). I had a real hard time finding brake parts. Tubs are also a...
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    M416 (re)build

    You say you are making it road worthy, but what are your plans...gotta give us something to chime in about! I like the start. Are you going to keep it as a stock M416? Or do you have plans to "EXPO" it?
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    Replacement M100 axle suggestions?

    Have you sourced out asking for guys doing builds on military ales and having perfectly good military axles lying around the garage? I have located a couple this way for parts on some of my trailer projects.n Stat a thread "looking for m100 axles" may be surprised by what you find
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    New Axle For M101 or M116 Trailer

    You hint at the fact that you already have a trailer from a from a military trailer. If so, what model was it (I am figuring you must have a 3/4 or larger trailer of you are saying that the military box is too big?). A little more information would be helpful as to what you are already working...
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    Camping Lab-are they still around?

    I just bought an RTT and awning in may...and got emails and a fast responce. Maybe he is on vacation, but I haven't heard if they suddenly shut down or not. He was out of stock on a few things so it sounds like business is still good for him.
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    M416A1 Build

    I like the use of the aluminum for the rack to mount your tent. Looking at your photos tho, I am trying to figure how you attached the rack to the tub. I dont see any exposed bolts on the trailer. Can you post some pictures on how you tied them together please. Nice work by the way!
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    For Sale M416 parts (axle, tires, e-brake, hitch)

    Matt.......I sent you a pm and am interested in the axl.....let me know
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    M416A1 Build

    Are you planing on strengthening the the tailgate and the sides of the bed where the tailgate was cut out. I know that they used very thin (18 gauge I think) metal to make those tubs and you will lose a lot of support by cutting a tailgate into the tube.
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    For Sale M416 parts (axle, tires, e-brake, hitch)

    Tahoetacoma....I have sent a PM regarding the axl...let me know
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    Tahoetacoma's m416 Build

    Educated guess says you live in still have the axle...I am in the sac area and would be interested
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    Rack ideas?

    It might help if you show us (pics if possible) were you would like to mount the rack. Is the roof of the trailer when closed solid? How much will it support? You may have to make the rack removable so that when you want to deploy the tent portion you have to remove the rack. Hard to help...
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    RTT lights... suggestions?

    Below you will find the ebay store of the company I bought mine through......Waaaayyyy cheaper than most of the stuff you see sold for vehicles. I am very happy with the product and it is customizable for your needs Light Victory Hi-Tech Led Store items - Get great deals on NEW LED PRODUCTS...
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