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  1. Cattledog

    FJ80 Tan Front Seat Tuff Duck covers

    Put me inline if deal does not work out. Thanks Dave
  2. Cattledog

    FZJ80 Metal Tech 4X4 Front Bumper - $450

    Shipping to 03801? Thanks Dave
  3. Cattledog

    80 front bumper

    Any idea on the cost of shipping to 03801? Thanks Dave
  4. Cattledog

    OME Springs for 80 series 861's, 862's

    I am interested. Sent you a pm.
  5. Cattledog

    5 80 series center caps

    Need one! I will take a 96 if you have one left. Thanks Dave
  6. Cattledog

    40, 80, LX, 3rd gen 4runner parts for sale

    I will take a lx center cap. Send me a PM on payment. Thanks Dave
  7. Cattledog

    Wanted WTB: Chrome Center Cap(s) for 1996 L/C

    I need a cap too. I could care less if they are chrome or not. PM if you have any left to sell. Thanks!
  8. Cattledog

    Wanted WTB: eom wheel center cap for lx450

    Any one have one? Send me a PM. Thanks! Dave
  9. Cattledog

    1996 Lexus LX450 Factory Manuals

    I am interested. What would shipping to 03801 be?
  10. Cattledog

    FS OME OEM hight

    I am interested. Can paypal. Shipping to 03801? Thanks Dave
  11. Cattledog

    $800 Kaymar rear bumper 80 series, virginia

    Put me in line. Thanks
  12. Cattledog

    1fz T4 turbo manifold

    bump, You welcome for the ad.:grinpimp:
  13. Cattledog

    FZJ80 T4 turbo manifold

    sold! Thanks
  14. Cattledog

    FZJ80 T4 turbo manifold

    Thanks for looking! Sale pending.
  15. Cattledog

    FZJ80 T4 turbo manifold

    To Davis CA 95618, FEDEX ground (5 days) about $35.00 UPS $45.00 (5 days) about 45.00 Priority Mail (2 days) about 65.00 The manifold is just about 30 Lbs. I am estimating a 35 lb package. If the shipping ends up cheaper I will refund the difference. I do (prefer) accept paypal...
  16. Cattledog

    FZJ80 T4 turbo manifold

    Looking for a high quality cast turbo manifold for you FZJ80? Well here is one for sale. It is unused, in perfect condition, new and ready to ship. The manifold is set for a T4 turbine flange and has provisions to run a seperate wastegate if desired. Notice the expansion cuts on...
  17. Cattledog

    Toy Minitruck Stock Bed - Rust Free - $175

    Too bad you are on the wrong coast, I want that bed. BTW, I have your truck's twin here in NH. I will shoot you a couple of pics. Good luck!
  18. Cattledog

    Wanted Need a 8" third member with 4.10 gearing in the northeast

    Prefer V6 with an auto locker going into the rear of my 85 mini. Prefer no shipping. Thanks
  19. Cattledog

    Wanted looking for a 1fz-fe head warped ok

    Looking for a cheap warped or cracked 1fz-fe head to port and flow.
  20. Cattledog

    Parting 1997 Lx 450

    Still have the headlights?
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