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  1. waydownunder80

    A very RARE Pig for sale

    hey guys saw this for sale locally ,thought you might get a kick out of it!! :D Fire engine 70's Toyota L Cruiser | Trade Me would be a great resto project,but its pretty expensive
  2. waydownunder80

    Going to Japan

    "Hey what's in the background of the 3rd pic? :D " looks like an early nissan (poo troll) patrol:cheers:
  3. waydownunder80

    OEM v. Ramsey v. Powauto PTO comparison

    got a link for powautos? my mate does winch challenges here in NZ with a pto all toyota except the winchead and he can winch his truk in 5th no crap!ditch the shearpin for a bolt mate and be done with it:D
  4. waydownunder80

    Pic's of UNO's Cruiser

    needs some mud on it!!:D:flipoff2:
  5. waydownunder80

    How many Piggies are there?

    not not many left down here,and the ones that are left,people have no idea!! check this local auction and the comment at the bottom of the page!! dumass 1974 toyota landcruiser for sale - - New Zealand
  6. waydownunder80

    ROTW ROTW: 73 FJ40 (color of money)

    mmm nice truck! and nice extras!!:D
  7. waydownunder80

    MPG increase with 285s

    yep they run rich,how else do you explain the longlife?someone needs to hack/learn the secret to toyota ecu`s and retune like they do on flashable ford/chevs:idea:
  8. waydownunder80

    MPG increase with 285s

    meanwhile........ meanwhile down my way im running a hdj81 1hdft on BFG 285/75/16`s ,stock gearing,auto,doing 45k round trip a day to work and back(mostly 100km/h,63mph stuff)using 40 litres of diesel a week! ,sounds sweet ay!! diesel is currently $1.85 a litre down here,and petrol is 2.20 a...
  9. waydownunder80

    my pig intro

    are those angle iron shackles? if so they look just like mine:D:D cheapest lift ever!!
  10. waydownunder80

    Hello My Name is USMCruiserette...And i'm a Newbie

    well first things first! PICS :D welcome:flipoff2:to your new addiction
  11. waydownunder80

    For My Downunder friends

    hey hey mate,a holden commy v6 & 4 speed auto would be my choice,as the autos have overdrive which will work well with the low diff gears,they are also pretty economical,i think you can buy an adapter to mate the 700 auto to the cruiser transfer case,look around for a whole vn/vp commodore on...
  12. waydownunder80

    New Zealand says hi.

    great great to see another NZ pig on here, I recently took my pig on 4wd club run and it went pretty much everywhere!! they are great wagons and pretty rare down here as they werent actually sold here by toyota they were all imported!! :D
  13. waydownunder80

    RH drive 79 FJ45 power steering conversion

    mmm now this might sound odd but use a lhd mini truck P/steer box it will sit in the same place as a sag and on a r/hand drive vehicle will sit on the inside of the chassis rail instead of outside like a LHD one,make sense?
  14. waydownunder80

    South American 1978 FJ40

    thats a fj or bj70:D similar in running gear to a 40
  15. waydownunder80


    sweet nice rig man! lovin the slider/front fenders:cheers:
  16. waydownunder80

    piggy abuse

    link, didnt work for me either:confused::confused:
  17. waydownunder80

    Newbie Alert, and some pics.

    a "mini" is known downunder as a "hilux":D
  18. waydownunder80

    FJ40 rear brakes don't hold pressure

    dont drum brake 40`s have "residual line pressure valves" screwed in to the master cyl outlets? i thought the trick was too remove the front one when you go disc brakes? maybe the rear brake ones are still on your old m/cyl?:confused:
  19. waydownunder80

    PIG + Chebby Avalanche Trim =?

    holy crap:eek: are they 10 inch shackles
  20. waydownunder80

    what year is my fj45?

    yeah i thought somewhere round there? its got the shift pattern for a 4 speed on the glovebox door,also the top is latched on not bolted cheers:cheers:
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