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  1. romegadave

    OMG I am an idiot. Took my 40 through a car wash

    Damn Leslie I hate know I was looking at your rig over at CB last night and it must have been when you first got it since the bezel was flipped then---sorry for the damage but your rig still brings the drool---have you changed tires recently or are those the same you always ran??
  2. romegadave

    New to the forums!

    See what I mean Swintell............Aussies and Zimbawes chiming in! Friends from across the U.S. You got the rig and now the sickness of an outstanding ride that will dominate your life. Heads will turn and twist as you go down the highway. Good luck cause this feeling is hard to shake. Me? I...
  3. romegadave

    New to the forums!

    Oh Swintell you will learn so much here. I was walking around at work and had to come back and mention that I can't emphasize how important it is to make sure you check those fluids before driving. Make damn sure the brakes are working--I see a lot of dirt dobber nests in the engine bay is the...
  4. romegadave

    New to the forums!

    You've come to the right place for FJ40 info. Take the time to look at the FAQ's and do your searches since there's tons of info here This forum has some of the best people who are very knowledgeable--BTW Welcome to the site!! ps I think its great that you're continuing your relatives work and...
  5. romegadave

    What do you think of this gem?

    New guy 777 is right. Hit the button!
  6. romegadave

    New FJ owner (1975)

    ^ He's right....................nice rig. Gonna keep the color?
  7. romegadave

    Bought my first40 and Im only 55yrs old.

    And for good reason. Very sharp!
  8. romegadave

    Picking It Up Sunday - My First 'Cruiser ('70)

    ^ Exactly my words. Congrats and the rig is looking great!!
  9. romegadave

    Australian Photos

    Great thread and pics. Congrats on the baby!
  10. romegadave

    Wheel Cylinders

    Mark's Off Road
  11. romegadave

    My first rig at 14... HJ47 83 trayback

    Congrats!!!!!! You're off to a good start. You shoulda seen the piece of crap I had. Treat her right!
  12. romegadave

    Shes alive!!!!!!!!!!

    ^ amen.......congrats!
  13. romegadave


    Bump for pics
  14. romegadave

    My next project.. I hope! (yard find)

    Congrats are certainly in order to the Greek!!
  15. romegadave

    Our Old Girl

    That is oh so sweet!!! Thanks for sharing such an immaculate rig!!:cheers:
  16. romegadave

    My ICON doubt. I would be like a god in my area if I had anything close to this---congrats:cheers:
  17. romegadave

    Just got back from Italy with a 1981 BJ42.. and i love it :)

    Stud rig.........and diesel--insert jealous icon here:steer:
  18. romegadave

    new member just saying hi

    :flipoff2:Looks good and congrats...........make sure you check out the brakes. And then double check them:cheers:
  19. romegadave

    The Great Gazoo from 1972!

    Finished and living in me when you need some of my amateur help. PS--still driving the 55 around in the north end of the county.
  20. romegadave

    The Great Gazoo from 1972!

    Great progress by you and the missus. Look forward to seeing it around town one day!:cheers:
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