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  1. brittan


    Kevin was all the good things that have been said about him and more. He will be missed. I hope to make it down from Idaho for a club ride that happens in his honor. Good to see the old timers sharing their memories here too. Hope to see you soon...
  2. brittan


    That's Payette Draw near Payson AZ. I'm keeping my eye on the meet up thread and will joint if I can.
  3. brittan


    Greetings to all... My name is Brittan. I grew up in Boise and left after high school, returning a few years ago. While in AZ I got into wheeling Toy's - 90 4Runner, 01 Taco, and finally an 80. Az has several active clubs and I hung with the Copper State Cruisers. Lost of trail runs and good...
  4. AZ wheeling

    AZ wheeling

  5. brittan

    Checking in...

    Thanks all-- Yes. Still doing dutch ovens and sharing the religion of cobbler. Claudia - two wagons now? Do you let Michael drive one? Saddletrap - You back in Scottsdale? Slipshot - That's a bad memory, having to take off in the middle of the night. Should have brought an extra sleeping bag...
  6. brittan

    Checking in...

    I'm sure some of my old friends are still here. Miss winter wheeling in AZ with ya, and the plethora of trails. Headed out yesterday for my winter activity. The cruiser turned 100K and I did a little snow shoeing. The area is just north of Idaho City. A ton of snow has been falling and the view...
  7. brittan

    Catching up...

    No worries...glad it's seeing use. Sorry should have posted a way point. 43.525147, -116.064482 There are a lot of parks in Boise but this one is less crowded. There are tons of rivers in ID, Snake, Salmon, Clearwater, Boise etc. I'm in the process of rediscovering them all. I'm also looking at...
  8. brittan

    Catching up...

    I've been lurking for the past few weeks and though I'd post up and say hey... There's been so much drama going on that I haven't explored the areas I was looking at over the winter. I still make it a point to get out with the boys. When I get some time I'll run a few trails and post my...
  9. brittan

    Antenna/Roof rack

    Anyone running either of these? Seems like a great concept but looking for antenna performance reviews. I did a quick search but there were no results.
  10. brittan

    New Toyota TRD

    I'd consider the 4Runner for the wife/family. I agree that newer Toyota's have lost their ruggedness but they are building them for the mass market, not our little group of enthusiasts. Will at Sierra Expo has a story about modifying the new 4Runner. If I recall correctly he snapped the fiber...
  11. brittan

    HAM call signs

  12. brittan

    On the HAM fence?

    There is a great pod cast out there that's a good supplement to the book and tests. I'll try to find it and post up. Good to see more interest from the group.
  13. brittan

    Enjoy before its gone...Jeep related but still funny
  14. brittan

    Greeting from Boise--

    John - Few flakes on the plug. Nothing unexpected. It appears the gears are waring in as they should. I'll replace the oil again in 3K and see what it looks like. Kevin -- Ya...found my low range. Been looking at trails. This one isn't hard but looks remote. My nephew and I have plans to do a...
  15. brittan

    Greeting from Boise--

    The move was tough. The moving company called the day of the move and informed me there wasn't room on the truck. We ended up loading the truck late in the day during a monsoon. I'm convinced there is no hope for moving companies. My welder and air compressor showed up scratched and dented. I...
  16. brittan

    Heartfelt adieu to the CSC and Arizona

    Thanks for the kind words. Hope to see many of you tonight at the meet. Here is my simple dutch oven recipe. Enjoy... Ingredients 1 yellow cake mix 2 16oz bottles/cans of peaches IN WATER, not heavy surup 1 stick of butter 12oz of pecan's water Instructions -Combine cake mix and water. You want...
  17. brittan

    Heartfelt adieu to the CSC and Arizona

    It’s time to bid a heartfelt adieu to the CSC and Arizona. My boys are at an age where moving isn’t a crisis and both sets of grandparents are in Idaho. So, we’ve sold the Chandler house and are moving to Boise at the end of the month. It’s a bittersweet moment for me. I’ve been in Arizona for...
  18. brittan

    Drivers side third seat - tan

    Free to a good home - third row seat. Tan in color.
  19. brittan

    Saturday trip to the pines...N of Chevelon Canyon Lake

    We were N of the lake and the approach was .5 miles. I didn't go far down the creek but it didn't seem like a tube friendly shallow.
  20. brittan

    Saturday trip to the pines...N of Chevelon Canyon Lake

    Cook and I escaped the heat this last weekend. It was nice to cool off and get out of the heat. Kids had a great time too. No hard wheeling but plenty of dirt road. A man and his dog. The water had tons of crawdads. So many that Porter was scared to swim. Here I'm trying to convince the...
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