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  1. dr_claw

    propane tank recertification

    Barry Hammel in Coquitlam! Exchanges expired tanks for new ones. They do inspection / filling in house. Cheers!
  2. dr_claw

    Buy Sell Trade

    I have a fj40 bikini top and full soft doors. They are on cl for $125. Less for coastal cruisers :)
  3. dr_claw

    Red FJ45 on the localctv news

    Watching the 11:30 ctv Vancouver news. Neighbours complaining about movie filming in east van. Showed a 45 plus other old cars. Neighbours also complaining about rust and gear oil leaking on their street :) Any of you own that 45?
  4. dr_claw

    Anyone want to trade bikinis?

    Thought that might get your attention :) I have a black besttop bikini and I want a grey one. Anyone want to trade or have a grey one for sale? Cheers!:bounce:
  5. dr_claw

    How far off is cruiser days?

  6. dr_claw

    hilux turbo

    Saw that truck on Pender Island ;)
  7. dr_claw

    Quest for a 40 series rig

    Good luck with your journey. If you are patient.... You can pick up someone else's project for 1-3k. I find they are cheaper and better shape from stateside. Cheers!
  8. dr_claw

    Any Dual Sporters on here ?

    Drz is a great all - around bike. Not too light but not too heavy. I have a klx250 bored out to a 300 which is great for my 150 lbs frame :) Or you can go high end and buy a husky :)
  9. dr_claw

    Charles Wirrell

    Rip. Great guy. Brought me fj45 parts from Bolivia once.
  10. dr_claw

    Looking for property/house

    The place on McNutt is quite nice, but on a creek. Building restrictions are tight because of this. Also their is a covenant in the neighborhood against mobile homes / trailers :) $289 is a good deal IMO.
  11. dr_claw

    ACT FAST -> Arb Lockers + Fridges !

    Ya'll Missed the Boat..... and maybe I did too > Sold out or unable to hit "buy" button. I paid with a visa.... so I still have to wait another 24 hours for confirmation. I am hoping they will honor this. EDIT: NOW IT SAYS OUT OF STOCK. I WONDER WHY.
  12. dr_claw

    ACT FAST -> Arb Lockers + Fridges !

    I ordered direct over the phone and talked to a nice lady :) We will see what shows up? Will post updates.
  13. dr_claw

    ACT FAST -> Arb Lockers + Fridges ! ARB Lockers $377 !?! Too good to be true? I am willing to gamble as I have had good luck with misprints on JC Whitney before. Good Luck! :popcorn:
  14. dr_claw

    97 Lexus LX450 Part out

    Rear elocker?
  15. dr_claw

    Disc Golf

    LOL... I am on Pender now. My parents place is a block away. World Famous course!
  16. dr_claw

    SM420 and Advance Adapter - For Sale - Cheap!

    I am tired of tripping over this! Mid 60's SM420. I pulled the top plate off to ensure everything looks good. It does. No shifter though. Advance Adapter and shaft (non plate style, uses a spud shaft in the sm420) Adapts to 3 speed tcase. Both Trans and Adapter = $150. I have a...
  17. dr_claw

    my stolen cruiser is back....

  18. dr_claw

    anybody have radiator wind shutter on there 40 series. ?

    I have one. Came out of a BJ42. Sitting on the shelf. I don't really need to worry about my 350 not getting hot with the stock rad.... I will see if I can snap a pic tonight.
  19. dr_claw

    stolen cruiser

    Pull out your fuel pump relay. No extra switches needed:)
  20. dr_claw

    Parts For Sale - Parts For Beer

    updated and emptied my PM box :doh:
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