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  1. bikinnotdykin

    which engine to use???

    bit of a dillema here. I have a built 350 carbed with rv cam and descent flowing heads probably just under 280 horse. Or I can use the L98 from my friends wrecked 1985 vette. I plan on using the stock toy 4 spd and running 33's with 4:10. this is not a daily driver or solely a wheeler, just a...
  2. bikinnotdykin body panels

    I am looking to buy a rear body channel from someone and was wondering how the ones were. since I need the front right cowl piece I was going to order both, but can't find a good description and their pics are too small to really see any detail. thanks guys and gals!!!
  3. bikinnotdykin

    need help locating a panel

    thanks gus, that's exactly what I was looking for!!
  4. bikinnotdykin

    need help locating a panel

    I saw someone once posted on here how they ordered the front kick vent panel and replaced it. well I need to do the same on the right side. if anyone knows where I can find a panel I only need the first 5 inches or so of where the panel meets the fender from the hood lip to the bottom. mine has...
  5. bikinnotdykin

    Engine Swap

    I think that's worse than putting a ford engine into a chevy!!!! sell the jeep engines and buy the one you were looking at. or you can pick up a used 350 for around 500-1000 buckaroos.
  6. bikinnotdykin

    Mastercraft Seats Have Arrived

  7. bikinnotdykin

    Body and Paint Work Price

    if it were me i would say "look it's a cruiser you can see the spot welds on the quarters from the factory". this thing is made to take you places not to be trailered to a car show!! get some scrap and pick up a welding book from barnes & noble and start reading. mig welding isn't hard and you...
  8. bikinnotdykin

    What Seats To Use in my 71' FJ40

    what ever seats I use will have heaters, if I have to put them in or not fine. but when it's cold and you have heated seats it sure makes a difference. specially with the top off!!!! you can get them at jc whittney by the way
  9. bikinnotdykin

    New Welder....Help!!

    i have used mine for varius other jobs but not sheet yet. I will be using it for that soon though. I would get the smallest wire you can use without changing the sleeve in the cable to the gun. use gas, do not use gasless wire unless it's a last resort. and just set it on a low setting and...
  10. bikinnotdykin

    body work!! YA!

    you should be able to see the tack welds after you sand the corners down to metal, you may be able to see them from the underside looking back also. ccot has panels as well as some other venders.
  11. bikinnotdykin

    Another light restoration thread. 1978 Blue FJ40

    nice stuff you have there!!!:cheers:
  12. bikinnotdykin

    opinions on what to use please!!!

    oh and it looks like I'll be able to get my setup around february so I'll be working on the steel tub untill then. man I wish I had a garage, I'll be using my friends pad again!!!!
  13. bikinnotdykin

    opinions on what to use please!!!

    ok I think I'm talked into putting an nv4500 in it. I found the whole kit with a spankin new tranny for 3500K does anyone know where I could possibly find a better deal?? the tranny itself is 2200K I thought about buying a used one but am wary from all the hopped up diesel trucks working the...
  14. bikinnotdykin

    How to remove cap glass?

    send it to chris angel!!!!
  15. bikinnotdykin

    opinions on what to use please!!!

    no, I'm not trying to do two at once I just couldn't pass up the last one I got for like 350 bucks and it is in way better shape. now I have the parts for 2 and will build the other one later on and make it more for the hardcore stuff. thanks for the input so far, let's hear some more. spend the...
  16. bikinnotdykin

    opinions on what to use please!!!

    hi guys. I am up in the air about what tranny to use, maybe some of you can help. I have a 77 fj40 with a 350 4:11 gears and will be running 35's I have a sm 465 already and was going to use it but then decided to go with a nv4500 but that might cost me close to 3K when it's all said and done...
  17. bikinnotdykin

    Educate me on tubing

    I also agree use schedule 40 pipe, it's easier to find, will fit the bender, and is plenty strong for sliders and bumpers. just don't do a cage with it even though I'm sure someone will say it's fine to build a cage with too.:idea:
  18. bikinnotdykin

    hey poser!!!

    got any fancy links to a sm465 to toy 4spd case adapter that is not AA??? thanks!:grinpimp:
  19. bikinnotdykin

    disc parking brake

    thanks, I think the search was messed up when I tried it. this cruiser is taking longer to build than I wanted!!!! I guess it would help if I had piles of spare cash in closets around the house
  20. bikinnotdykin

    disc parking brake

    does anyone have experience with the maf disc conversion? I just rebuilt the transfercase and will have to also rebuild the drum parking brake or get the conversion. I am also wondering if the disc kit would allow me to run a slightly longer rear driveline. thanks guys!! and gals!!:beer:
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