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  1. Landpimp

    For Sale Looking for power steering box

    Red Head did mine almost 20 years ago when they were a smaller outfit in a different location, the owner(Harvey maybe) did mine....he hadn't done what I had asked before...I sent him(in a 5 gallon bucket for $12) a new PS box case(no guts), a mini truck PS box and mini truck rebuild kit...I said...
  2. Landpimp

    Lifetime of plastic T heater hose connector??

    Did the Ts on my 2000 at 180k in 2020....the old ones were like new...I hit them with a hammer and they held up...same as the new oem. Did the Ts on the 1999 Lx470 with 220k this year(last month) looked like new....other crumbled into pieces...forget which was which Both have had the...
  3. Landpimp

    ABS VSC TRAC saga continues...thoughts?

    Any of your shifter lights out on the dash...especially the P Park light? Had a sorta( very) similar issue on my 2000....turns out the P bulb burned out....and set off dash lights and codes. I think I had all the same codes on Snap On scanner I used as you do...everything from $
  4. Landpimp

    Wanted 1965 FJ45 Clutch Kit (F engine, 3 speed)

    Kurt shows 2 in stock
  5. Landpimp

    CEL frustration

    anything else not right going on? not working, replaced etc.? I don't know what that code is... which would be helpful.....but anyway...and not saying this is your problem... I had a bunch of codes(all $200-3500), Tracoff and VSC off.(manual says "its cool to drive still" of course) ......and...
  6. Landpimp

    For Sale Reading, PA - Brand New Toyota OE FJ62 Mirrors

    or they are the old mirrors in the boxes.....because that's what I do....
  7. Landpimp

    SOLD Need to know what it is too before I put a price on is a wiper motor for what vehicle ?

    1964, original stock drivetrain, F, 3 on tree, drums. OME suspension(3 years ago). Got it in 2005 ot 2006. Interior is all new, this the LV SOR used for the headliner and panels. PO was a buddy of Marv's. Had another 1964 before, it was not stock.
  8. Landpimp

    SOLD Need to know what it is too before I put a price on is a wiper motor for what vehicle ?

    that's awesome! when I got my 45LV in the mid 2000's the wipers worked for 1 day....then never again, I fiddled with the wiring with no luck, so its never been out in the rain since the day I got it and it was the only non working item on the wagon, for years I kept telling myself I'd pull it...
  9. Landpimp

    SOLD Need to know what it is too before I put a price on is a wiper motor for what vehicle ?

    45lv us spec wiper motor. It's the updated/new part # which came out in 1965 Beside have the parts book another clue was....if google cant find the part # that often tells you its pre 1968 part, and it's not a fj40 that leaves just 1 choice..45LV.
  10. Landpimp

    For Sale Idaho 1963 FJ45LV

    I am still counting how many different colors that poor ole gals been painted over the years I always believed there were more 45LV's sold in the US than most people thought there were.
  11. Landpimp

    SOLD Montana, 67 FJ45LV

    I love seeing them all crusty and well used thats a decent LV you got.
  12. Landpimp

    What vehicle dose this wiper motor go to?

    I sent you a PM with what it is. I'd be interested.
  13. Landpimp

    SOLD Need to know what it is too before I put a price on is a wiper motor for what vehicle ?

    sent you a PM , I know what it is and would be interested.
  14. Landpimp

    craigslist FJ40 roof - will be thrown away if no one gets it Seattle

    wish I was more motivated, I could use that roof for a yard art-ish project
  15. Landpimp

    Gear Reduction Starter for FJ40, FJ60 (NEW) First Impressions

    I used my last new spare toyota reman starter last month,when I went to get another for a spare....37 were on backorder with no time frame. same starter fill all my stuff up to I keep one around
  16. Landpimp

    Hot Air Intake Engine Location

    that was the 1st thing that fell of my 82 fj40...i turned around and picked it up re-reading this and my own posts all these years latter....I now know why my HAI and HIC don't work, even though they test good and work per fsm. I never replaced my manifold insulator on my its not...
  17. Landpimp

    Need help identifying genuine Denso 90919-02230 coil packs from fakes

    these are the denso's I installed in 2017 in my 2000, they are legit and have had zero issues.
  18. Landpimp

    eBay 1965 FJ45LV in MN

    that mine in the pictures on that about all I know, but can take pics if you want.
  19. Landpimp

    eBay 1965 FJ45LV in MN

    its a the VIN plate should have the engine # on it. both my 64's do/ did...(oddly both had the fender mirror) yeah it was very complete. fj55 dome light works for replacement. battery could be in the rest of the world format ...10-2005 all I know is 22k(maybe 30K into it now) seemed...
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