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    Internet cruiser stalking

    the purple vehicle has a "cruiser" logo on the back door... wow that is a true obsession! btw does the P/T stand for part time?

    Ewwww, mildew!

    replace the seat belts, from a local truck...

    :( brings a tear...


    Scott air tanks - do not need them

    Anyone interested? two 4500 psi scott air tanks with pressure reducers two masks, one on demand regulator, one back frame. possible tire filling tanks...that was my plan. Anyway, best offer takes them. cheers,

    80 Series Sticking Rear Caliper Woes

    This happened to me twice, sticky caliper can cause a NASTY vibration at high speeds coming from rear axle as it is fooled to switch power from one wheel to the other. Solution: Before installing you next caliper pull the pistons out of it (tight fit, do not drop them...) and grease them with...

    oh, how I miss the purr of the diesel...

    realy cool tool

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Moose Test - 7 Blown Tires

    I do not think you would turn at all, moose would be a great way to test the bumper and the truck was high enough, brush lines would slice it just right for transport to the camp site and the fire pit.


    no, I bought a piggy bank instead... one day soon I hope...
  10. MARCIN


    i have been looking for a nice fit intercooler for the 80 series, to with the ATEB power rod mod, something like in these pictures: here is a link to a web seller with huge selection of intercoolers: I...
  11. MARCIN

    80 series cracked frame

    I will check for differences other then the mirror image...
  12. MARCIN

    80 series cracked frame

    yes, at work I have SST1200, it is ABS material prototype plate material is 3/16" 1020 steel
  13. MARCIN

    80 series cracked frame

    It was a collaborated effort with John (ATEB) and Lance, they let me access the available frames for measurement purposes. Chris started the whole thing...( saying "fix it or else".. JK) John got most of the first batch of the few plates I got made. Unless you are planning to install it yourself...
  14. MARCIN

    80 series cracked frame

    yes it sold :( , to a good home...
  15. MARCIN

    80 series cracked frame

    shipping today
  16. MARCIN

    80 series cracked frame

    Yours is being installed today...BTW the truck looks great, it brought a tear to my eye and woke up my only feeling.
  17. MARCIN

    80 series cracked frame

    90% of the time this happens every time... 80 series frame cracks just under the steering box if the truck is reequipped with 33" or bigger tires. I, like few others, had my frame welded. During the sale of the truck we found out that the frame cracked again, no surprise really... Plates to...
  18. MARCIN

    1990 HDJ81 For sale

    No, I missed it, 147,000km
  19. MARCIN

    1990 HDJ81 For sale

    SOLD>>> :( Yes its mine... It has not been off the pavement in 2 years, very sad... and with a second child on the way I can not give it the attention that a LC deserves..., time for a mazda5 lol. 147,000 km 5 speed, factory lockers, manual hubs, (not shiny :)), about 5" lift, DC mud country...
  20. MARCIN

    well this is sad, Jeep might be making something really nice...

    hey, wait a minute. Toyota makes nice trucks they just do not sell them here...:( 2006 Toyota Landcruiser DX TURBO DIESEL White 5sp M Trayback | eBay or 2008 Toyota Landcruiser VDJ79R GX Grey M Cab Chassis | eBay or 2008 Toyota Landcruiser VDJ78R GXL Troopcarrier White 5sp M Wagon | eBay or...
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