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    Troopy Buy -Problems in Pics

    Hi awesome forum. Looking to buy this 2012 Troopy but wanted to once again dip into the wit and wisdom of the contributors to see if there’s anything I should be concerned about? Ex blitz camper 2012 with 240k on the dial. Last four years it’s been stored and only intermittently used. It looks...
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    Buying Troopy - Too Much Rust?

    T Thanks Ralf. Really appreciated. Based on the analysis I went a different way. Ad below.
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    Buying Troopy - Too Much Rust?

    Hi all. Keen to join the Troopy brotherhood and am in the process of buying one. Looking at a sweet 03 with the 1hz engine at 159k on it. Only issue is some rust (see below) It looks like surface corrosion but I’d like to lean on the group and get opinions on whether to continue with the sale...
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