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    Trail Runs

    I would be down for a Sweetwater-Bodie run. The "Sourgrass trail trail is a short and sweet one, with only one mildly technical section. A little climb out of a creek. We dragged a stock LX470 through but blew up the fancy suspension control thingy. ken
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    Thanks Mark aka Krusty Krab!

    WHAAttttt.... Huh...
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    CBI Goes Full Size.

    Now thats a bit O kit to be proud of! I really like the clean design and you can tell a lot of thought went into the design. The metal work looks top notch definitely something to be proud of. I keep going back and forth on a aft bumper for the PW. Alumnies makes one but $$ might have to fab an...
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    Worlds greatest drag race

    Man! that G37 is sweet! The :princess: over here has the 2nd gen FX35 AWD and its an asphalt destroying machine. first car I have ever driven that makes me chicken out before it even blinks.:steer: Ken
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    Looking for N.NV Dirt Bike riding area

    Cool! looks like Im heading to Moon Rocks 4-9 - 4-12 Not sure if we will stay put the entire time or hit another area ... If you guys get time stop by , I have a very large fridge full of beverage goodness!
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    Worlds greatest drag race

    Nice ! I always smile when I see a guy in a GTR and nobody else around realizes its one of the baddest rides on the planet! Its ugly as sin but I would get one just for the sleeper value.
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    Looking for N.NV Dirt Bike riding area

    Thanks guys! Loving the info! Good point on the 70 miles of washboard. The trailer is smaller and has torsion axles but 70 miles is something to think about. Cant wait to to pack the dirt bikes and get out there! Thanks Ken
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    Looking for N.NV Dirt Bike riding area

    Ya, thats what they are selling! ;)
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    Looking for N.NV Dirt Bike riding area

    Cool! I think I remember something about Soldier Meadows looks like a cool spot. How popular (crowds) is Soldier Meadows? Sweet trip report love the pics! Double Hot sounds killer. Is there only the one tub? other stuff to see or do in that area? crowded? Keeping and pumping more $$ in...
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    Looking for N.NV Dirt Bike riding area

    Thanks guys! Sounds like Moon Rocks is the place to be, I will definitely check it out. For some reason I thought it was a hardcore wheeling area only. How about any spots where there is access to hot springs? The riding doesnt need to be technical I will be riding with the...
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    Looking for N.NV Dirt Bike riding area

    Hoping you fellas could help me out. Looking for a pretty local for some dirt bike riding and camping (with a toy hauler) Access road cant be too radical but Im willing to work for a good spot :) Moderators please feel free to delete.(edit; :flipoff2:, rusty_tlc) Cruisers rule...
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    Route plan???

    You need the NG map!
  13. 450 DUDE

    Wildland Fires

    Yes, Hope everyone is ok. Ken
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    Lenticular Clouds

    Here are some:
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    Little weekend project.

    I bet with a quick zip tie to the OS handle it will be rock solid. EDIT I did not see the tab half way up on the center console. Looks good! And extra bonus with that pole mount would be great for hosting a mobile strip club to pay for that GPS... :popcorn: ken
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    Rubber grommits/ plugs

    Line-X Ken
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    Request for help.

    ;p :D :o :doh: :) :flipoff2:
  18. 450 DUDE

    Request for help.

    Did you mention they should get an 80?
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    7-30-11 Trail Run: Deer Valley

    Just curious What are the outside dimensions of that ramcharger? I so much want to take the black beast on that trail.. Thanks, ken
  20. 450 DUDE

    A little sight seeing on Ophir Canyon Trail

    Looks like another success! Killer pics! I could almost smell the fresh NV sage air. ken
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