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    For Sale LX470 - 5 wheels Dallas, TX (Lakehighlands area)

    Bump. I will entertain any offer.
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    SOLD 100 Series Maral Seat Covers - Dallas, TX

    These seat covers came with my truck when I bought it. I couldn’t find the same set online but the seller of the truck said he order them from overseas, somewhere in the Middle East. All three rows and head rest covers. I don’t know what I have or have any use for them. $150 OBO. Pick up preferred.
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    For Sale LX470 - 5 wheels Dallas, TX (Lakehighlands area)

    5 wheels that came with my truck when I bought it. 4 chrome, no JWL stamp. 1 bare aluminum with the JWL stamp. I don’t know why the wheels aren’t stamped or where the came from. I had them on the truck while my other set was being powder coated and they worked just fine for that time. $250 for...
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    MFD Nav Screen Calibration?

    If you do figure it out please share, I have the same issue with my Grom VL2, I have to push to the left and below the target. I havent done the software upgrades yet, was having that "write error" but found that I need to set the date and time and it should work, just havent got around to...
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    MFD Nav Screen Calibration?

    I dont know how to recalibrate it necessarily but to access the settings hold the info button and turn the lights on and off 3 times. There is a a menu option to test the touch screen but I dont know exactly what it does.
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    2002 LC Power Antenna Motor Runs But Antenna Does Not Move

    Here is the one I used, install was kind of a pain to get into the wheel well, but I thought it was worth it, I like to have everything working as it should if I can. If you are going to get in there to unplug the motor, you might as well fix it. I think I followed a thread on here to fix it but...
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    100 Series Cupholders - DIY

    Get Ben's 3D Make 28 V2 Cupholder Non-Butterfly Version. Sand them down using progressively smaller grit to get them really smooth. Use trim restorer after you sand them to restore the shiny finish. Comes with inserts that come out for bigger cups/bottle.
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    Wanted 2006 LX470 Rims - Dallas, TX

    That is what I have, looking for these
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    Wanted 2006 LX470 Rims - Dallas, TX

    Looking for a set of 06 LX470 Rims near Dallas, TX. Thanks.
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    For Sale DFW: Stock LC 200 Tires Dunlop AT23 285/60r18

    I might be interested, can you post a picture of them?
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    Help with LSeat Leather Seat Color - 2003 Land Cruiser Ivory/Beige/Tan Interior

    Did you end up ordering the covers? If so what color did you get?
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    Possible to rebuild original AHC shocks?

    Any update?
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    craigslist 2004 lx 470. No affiliation

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    craigslist 2004 lx 470. No affiliation

    Not a 2004 like the ad says either.
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