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    Ford Northstar 4.6 help...anyone??

    chk the spark I have a '95 Deathstar - several times i have changed a waterpump, spark plugs, a/c compressor whatever. Engine start idling bad - check spark, bad coil pack. Check the spark and then if you have the four coil packs across the top, you'll probably need to replace one. The plug...
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    WTB - early 6.2/6.5T vehicle

    I am looking to buy in the DFW area of Texas (or within 300 miles or so) several complete vehicles that has an early 6.2 diesel or later 6.5Turbo diesels. Drivable is preferred but running is really needed. I don't care if it's wrecked beyond belief and you need me to drag it away. I will. I am...
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