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  1. cmck

    Winter camping at -10 C , 14 F

    Is the camper top an Alucab Hercules? How was the sleeping in the tent area? Has any insulation approach been conducted in the tent or the body of the cruiser?
  2. cmck

    Fuel haul across the Empty Quarter in Saudi

    I have a similar 150 Liter setup in a 100 Series Petrol Land Cruiser. It is fits in the factory spare tire location and used a Aus spec dual filler. It is aimed at extending the range for mostly long road trips vs expeditions. It is very convenient in operation. I have 4 additional rotopax...
  3. cmck

    My latest fridge find

    Yes, sailing helps as does winter backpacking. Throw in a extra family few members and it all goes south. However the time spent with them is mostly the the point.
  4. cmck

    My latest fridge find

    Looks cool! I’m reworking my interior setup based on, don’t move stuff to get to stuff. I don’t have a 3 minute rule or I’d probably have to cash out.
  5. cmck

    My latest fridge find

    Would love to test out this style, to me it seems great for “one nights” and the “rain setup”. I come from a sailing background so I get the slick looking well organized storage. This assumes that your moving light and fast. Also that your travel reason has fewer toys and activity types.
  6. cmck

    My latest fridge find

    I break it down this way. If you have interior cabinets and inside seating the drawer style fits best. If you stay outside the vehicle when accessing the lid style fits if your tall enough. The final point is a taller truck with a shorter wife leans back toward the drawer. (this assumes she...
  7. cmck

    Wyoming to Panama and back in a UZJ100.

    More Cow Bell! :)
  8. cmck

    Should I bother? Expedition trailer.

    I’m liking the idea of a resurrected Willy’s truck bed as the cargo portion.
  9. cmck

    Let's See Your Toyota Expedition Build...

    A build over 2 years, 2 countries, 18 national parks and a bunch of other numbers.
  10. cmck

    Old man build.

    Keep them both :) Good Luck it sounds interesting.
  11. cmck

    Old man build.

    I put the TD lift, tbars and tour flex progressive springs in about march 17. I maybe have 4K on them. I would recommend them. The spring rate on the front is way better than factory cranked, which are harsh feeling. The progressive gave me a nice lift and it rides good day to day as well as...
  12. cmck

    Old man build.

    Yes, I have a home wood working shop and built it as time allowed since June. I have had it on the drawing board for a year or so but other items kept getting in the way. I'm looking forward to some weekend trips in early fall to work out the kinks and little details.
  13. cmck

    Old man build.

  14. cmck

    Old man build.

    Well maybe for you it's more about access to recovery gear and sandwiches while your off road. (than camping). There lots of good storage ideas out there. Here's my work in progress cargo area. It's a 100 on 33's, triple locked, bumpers, winch, on board air, 2nd battery, sliders, skids and a...
  15. cmck

    Old man build.

    It may not ever stop but as I am getting near completing my expo build on a 100 it defiantly slows down. My only comment is to include some creature features for camping or living with the rig as you build. Go on trips before you get it perfect and sometimes you figure out an item is less...
  16. cmck

    $15k Hundy/470 build

    I have my tough dog suspension 1/2 have installed, just put the rears in so for.
  17. cmck

    $15k Hundy/470 build

    I just removed my 1999 stock LC springs and doing the tbars this week. No stock shocks, they got cut out last year. PM if your interested.
  18. cmck

    Cruiserweight: Adventure Rig Build

    Go for it, man! I have a 100 series, but I always liked the look of the 60's.
  19. cmck

    What *is* an expedition build?

    As a relative newb, I don't know what overlanding is for "me" yet and I have no interest in defining or making a judgement of what it is. However, based on my life experience with other adventure pursuits, setting a goal to explore remote parts of our great country in a vehicle and executing...
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