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  1. EdsCruisin

    Fuel Filler Blockage

    Very interesting Rich! Makes sense too. My heat shields had long since corroded away. I hope that works out for you. This is why I like these forums - for thousands of lines of "stuff" you get a few gems of useful insights.
  2. EdsCruisin

    Strobe Hideaways in Headlight Housing

    Although each state has lighting laws, it is pretty universal that yellow flashing lights are permitted for service vehicles. So, many folks now have yellow light bars and strobes on their personal vehicles that access construction sites for example. In PA they allow super volleys to put blue...
  3. EdsCruisin

    Roof Bike rack

    I use Thule on all mine. They make a mount that attaches to the factory side rails and then everything else is the same, so I use them on all my vehicles. I mount four bikes upright with the wheels attached on the roof of the 100. A ladder is helpful - I travel with a short 2 foot aluminum...
  4. EdsCruisin

    A little help install AirLift Airbag 1000's on my 2000 Land Cruiser

    You should still support the axle to prevent it hanging from the brake lines. After putting the truck on jack stands, I put the floor jack under the axle to support it too. Once you disconnect the shocks and sway bar from both ends, the axle can pivot on the jack enough to work with the coils...
  5. EdsCruisin

    A little help with towing capacity

    I think this is personal preference. I've had mine on the same air line for years and never had a problem. If you had a dashboard controller it would be on a single air line too. I can see how you can trim the vehicle best with separate air lines, but in reality, the airbags are not a...
  6. EdsCruisin

    A little help with towing capacity

    It will certainly stiffen the rear suspension. Roll is countered by the anti-sway bars front and rear. Best you can do is go into the turns slowly and accelerate slightly through the turn. If you coast through the turn or brake, you will experience more roll as the forces are going the wrong...
  7. EdsCruisin

    A little help with towing capacity

    Check out for a great description of trailer towing and weight distribution facts. It is not just a factor of hitch rating and tongue weight, but also the GVRW of the truck, gear ratios and the ratings for weight distribution. Even the quality of hitch equipment varies. The 100...
  8. EdsCruisin

    When is alignment adjustment needed?

    x2 on this advice. I adjusted mine and it ate the front tires. Handled fine, but short tire life.
  9. EdsCruisin

    Moving PS reservoir

    BTW, are you putting the compressor behind the airbox? I have a Vaiar continuous duty compressor that fits nicely between the headlight and air filter. That leaves the rest of the space near the PS reservoir free for bigger items. In my case a 1.5 gallon air tank and manifolds.
  10. EdsCruisin

    Moving PS reservoir

    I put a compressor tank there and simply removed bolts from the ps mount to leave one good one. Basically swung it around 180 degrees toward the engine. I was going to fabricate a plate to attach another bolt, but that was about 80,000 miles ago and I have not had any problems. It is just a...
  11. EdsCruisin

    Stinkbug look

    When you crank the torsion bars, it adjusts the alignment and will have a significant affect on tire wear. I recommend adjust the height to your desired preference and then visit an alignment shop. For some idiotic reason they don't include height adjustment in most alignment procedures, and...
  12. EdsCruisin

    vvti durability

    Actually the 4Runner and GX did not have any other V8 prior to '03. It was an option only on the fourth generation Runners. Sequoia/Tundra started in 2000. I have both the VVTi and non- in my two trucks and have not had any particularly unique problems with either other than the APPS in...
  13. EdsCruisin

    07 100 vs 08 200 vs 2014 Highlander

    I have an LC, 4R and Highlander. They are all significantly different vehicles. I would say that the new Highlander is probably the best choice for all of us for our practical daily driving - it has a unibody design which is safer for the passengers in an accident; it is the best on gas; the...
  14. EdsCruisin

    Horn Issue with 100 Series

    Horn is in the grill area. Alarm is on the passenger fender, behind the air cleaner box (at least on my 2000). But mine does not chirp when I hit the alarm fob either, thank goodness. My stock horn works fine, but I found that a set of large fire truck style air horns connected to the...
  15. EdsCruisin

    Limp mode / safe mode ??

    Got that right! Replaced my APPS two times. At best it is unpredictable to drive, as it could go back into limp mode at any time. Funny how you entitled this thread as "Limp Mode/Safe Mode" In my opinion there should be no limp mode, because it is super dangerous. Drive down a two-lane...
  16. EdsCruisin

    Help me remove the sleigh bells from my truck...

    I had this issue, but it was loose tailpipe hangar. Cut it off and sound gone.
  17. EdsCruisin

    How Many Miles are Too Much?

    That is pretty accurate. My 2000 has about 180,000 miles, of which I accumulated about 2/3's. The truck is still running strong and solid. BUT- there is some rust around the front windshield and the rear hatch latch, and the exhaust manifolds tick rather loudly when cold. I don't have any...
  18. EdsCruisin

    Fuel Filler Blockage

    Update: We did a smoke test and found all the vents worked fine. The problem was the rubber tube between the filler and tank. It was collapsed and plugged. Apparently it is lined with some kind of synthetic membrane, that in my case, separated from the hose and balled up inside. The rubber...
  19. EdsCruisin

    Fuel Filler Blockage

    Yeah, I was wondering that too, and disconnected the EVAP line from the charcoal canister, and I was able to blow through it and successfully blow back into the fuel tank. But it did not make a difference. I'm glad about that, because I hear those canisters cost hundreds. I just downloaded...
  20. EdsCruisin

    Fuel Filler Blockage

    I thought that at first too, and moved to another pump, but it repeated. And then towing at 8-9 mpg for several hundred miles in each direction I had many more opportunities to try and the same problem persisted.
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