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  1. cvcruiser

    Brake Fade

    Great, thanks for all the tips and help.
  2. cvcruiser

    Brake Fade

    It feels normal. However, normal has always been a little spongy. I wasn't sure if this was just the nature of the FZJ80. I just checked out the Prodigy and that's the one I will go with as well. Did you install your own?
  3. cvcruiser

    Brake Fade

    Actually, I did get the e-brakes on the trailer I just haven't got the part that goes in the truck yet. I do need to freshen up the brake fluid since I haven't done it since I've had it.
  4. cvcruiser

    Brake Fade

    I was crawling down a steep hill with my Chaser trailer (empty) and my front tires started to slip a little. As soon as the tires started to grip I started to experience the brake pedal mashing down all the way then one of my brakes started to squeal like it was worn. Does anyone have any...
  5. cvcruiser

    Adventure Trailer: Overlanding model

    I just got my Chaser two days ago but have not been able to use it yet. I got the lid, surco racks, and gas cans. I put my Thule space shuttle on top of the trailer. I did get to meet Mario personally and he is a class act person. I'm glad I have my Chaser!
  6. cvcruiser

    campa usa trailer

    I decided to go with These guys seem like they have built a really good trailer. CV
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