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  1. hj 60

    Name this (broken) part!

    Dude, I don't want to be rude or just typical dutch straightforward. Nothing wrong there just keep driving, have fun, who cares, good luck. Maybe buy a set of wrenches to take it apart, or watch bambi.
  2. hj 60

    Heat marks on Birfs normal?

    I was trying to avoid this.
  3. hj 60

    Heat marks on Birfs normal?

    Clicking will not go away with fresh grease, replace or switch side and click is in reverse.
  4. hj 60

    I need help !! with my land cruser 1997

    Moh this very expensive, are you sure?, it is not worth al the money and work hours for most people. If you sell what you have and buy a factory diesel it will be much easier to maintain. Price:US $6,199.98 Shipping: $450.00 Is the gasoline engine broken?
  5. hj 60

    Is my LSPV bad, brake lines clogged, or other?

    It is not really expensive to replace it all, the soft brake lines can fail internally and release flakes of rubber that block the line. Probably better to replace all soft lines, maybe some corroded hard lines, booster because it seems broken and front caliper rubbers can be damaged, rear...
  6. hj 60

    Push Button Start

    I might consider it because I really like keyless entry and start on our mitsubishi, just keep the key in my pocket.
  7. hj 60

    Sad end to someone's FJ80

    Can happen with a worn tie rod, all other is human error like the worn tie rod.
  8. hj 60

    Please help for a newbie.

    Smaller tires make a big difference for my hj60 gear pattern, maybe you can drive another model or go to a meeting and let others trash yours, if you are just v8 jeep :arghh: talking get out :cheers: :flipoff2: from sea level back up again with the boat and family, 1st gear was almost not...
  9. hj 60

    Block drain plug torque spec?

    Jaymar Are you joking? Trying to tighten it over the Po has nothing to do with right torq specs, lucky if it does not end with damaged thread. I don't get it but use a big leveler to unscrew it, bust or break and not much force is needed to tighten, it is not a wheel lug nut.
  10. hj 60

    Wher is my castle

    Did at any moment a woman enter your shop?
  11. hj 60

    Next Step - On board water

    The headlight washer has 3 liters and takes 45 seconds to empty but that is a to strong burst pump. With a led remote it can be slowed down and stopped. I rather swim but 3 liters is enough while camping, for us, refill with warm water or kids hate me. Water takes to much space and weight so I...
  12. hj 60

    Can't seperate birfield from axle shaft

    10 seconds both sides, lucky me, smashed two tiles :meh:
  13. hj 60

    Replace Brake Soft Lines

    In Europe they are inspected and any rubber line with a crack has to be replaced. Any metal line with a rust spot also has to be replaced. For my hj I did it in steps so it involved many times of bleeding so I rather do them all in one weekend and never look at it again. The rear hard lines were...
  14. hj 60

    Jerry Cans...Who actually uses them?

    All my cars have 2 gallon spare because to lazy to fill, and the cruiser about 7 gallon (uphill with a low tank can become a problem) Sometimes I must use them but I think the extra fuel is more a safety issue to get home when the tank leaks, stuffed filter or a lot of low 4x4 driving. So it is...
  15. hj 60

    learning how to double-clutch gear changing

    I don't know what you are doing when not using the clutch in any car, I can do that with my motorcycle but with a car? :hmm: Don't do it to my cars lol, :eek: :slap: Double clutching to me is using the clutch mostly in upward gears from a gear to neutral (nothing, free?), rev, release it...
  16. hj 60

    Thermal pictures of the Land Cruiser

    awesome, I thought about clicking on the order button and then my wife called.
  17. hj 60

    Birf loose!!!

    Sorry, yes reverse click, :bang: dont worry to much I have driven a few years with clicking 4x4 left/right turns. If swapping right to left side you have to separate the birf from the axle (because long and short side axle) and snap (break) the snap ring, that is another video. So if you are...
  18. hj 60

    Birf loose!!!

    Stop wiggling you pervert :cheers:, you can change the birfs to the other side and then have a rear driving click, or get new ones. worn birf below, can drive a lot of miles with it, true daredevil because they can break anytime: a lot of pictures I have stored here...
  19. hj 60

    HELP PLEASE! I'm stuck in the wilderness with a dead fxj80

    This might end with a working truck and a skeleton.
  20. hj 60

    How difficult is it?Rear locker

    Very nice must have option, now stuck with rear wheels of the ground so get a hi-lift and winch: only true stepping stone theory :worms: The POSi comes with new shaft and even a little wear on that is bad so new is very important, and no need for spacer rings :clap: in my hj60 I used the old...
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