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    P0306 issue

    Hi All. I have a 96 FJ80 1FZ-FE no mods (just OEM) that I purchased new in 96. Has 320K miles on it now. I have never had the injectors serviced. Currently have a P0306 showing up. I replaced the plug (old one looked fine) with no luck. Plug wires have around 19K on them and they look great...
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    Need shocks for my '96 80

    I have a 96 FJ80 that I purchased new in 96. I need to replace the shocks, but don't want to break the bank. I want to get a good set of shocks. I take the cruiser off road, but nothing extreme. It has been above Creede Colorado numerous times (near the divide trail), Stoney pass (Colorado)...
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    Anti-freeze-coolant leak below intake manifold 96 FJ80

    My cruiser sprung a leak (and the temp gauge started rising toward the "red" zone) today. The leak looks like it is coming from below the intake manifold (the antifreeze is leaking onto the starter and is a pretty large leak). I was using the air conditioner at the time of the leak and the...
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    I want to rebuild my starter sedonoid

    Thanks for the info. I am looking at replacing the contacts as-well-as the plunger. I'll check around the site for instructions. Have a good one!
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    I want to rebuild my starter sedonoid

    I have an FJ80 with a 2KW starter. I want to rebuild my starter solenoid. Is there a procedure that I can download from somewhere? Are there any special tools that I need to rebuild the solenoid?
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    Here's an easy one (I think): I have a 96 FJ80 and am in need of an ashtray for my drivers side rear door. I have Oak Leather interior. Any idea where I can get one of these for cheap? The dealer wants $60.00.
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    Vibration at 45

    I'll check it out. Thanks a lot!
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    Vibration at 45

    It is stock. Plain Jane with OEM wheels and tires.
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    Vibration at 45

    My FJ80 has a vibration that starts at around 30mph when accelerating (or just sustaining speeds at 30mph on up to 75 mph (I don't go much faster than that with this buggy)). If I take my foot off the gas pedal, the vibration stops. The vibration is not present at lower speeds. The right...
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