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  1. pigbuggy

    Wanted DS Door for '96 FJ80

    The outer skin of my DS door is trashed. the inside panel is fine and so is the window. I'm just in need of the DS door skin. I'm willing to work with shipping.
  2. pigbuggy

    1991 fj80 parts... Everyting must go!!!

    DS Door. maybe?
  3. pigbuggy

    Parting '91 Body Maroon

    hey. i posted on your other thread, but see you started this one. i'm in need of a front drivers side door, and heard it would be about 200$ - shipping. Ive got a '96. i PM'ed you a week ago asking about it. thanks for your time.
  4. pigbuggy

    Bunch O' 80 parts

    I'm Looking for a drivers side door. not the whole thing, just the door itself. I have a couple of questions though. I will PM you.
  5. pigbuggy

    New spark plugs = Mileage! :D

    Yes, it's true. i replaced my spark plugs a couple months ago and having been the only recent thing I've done to the buggy, i have improved my mileage by a ton. I used to go 210 miles on a tank. in the winter sometimes it was 180, but regularly it was 210. after replacing the spark plugs i can...
  6. pigbuggy

    Intermittent brake boost issue?

    I had a lot of the same problems a month or two ago. I never did any of the tests so i cant say that i have the same problem. I spent a while trying to figure it out, and when i first looked at the brake booster and tested it, it looked just fine. I got fed up with it, and after taking it to a...
  7. pigbuggy

    Head Unit write up

    so there is no reason to disconnect the factory amp because it's not connected through the new wiring? (i'm asking...i dont know.) since i used the two other plugs in the factory wiring harness, do they not connect to the factory amp?
  8. pigbuggy

    Head Unit write up

    humm. i didn't really know that i would have that big of an issue with my nuts. maybe i'll replace them and use butt connectors. probably wont solder them. i dont know, i guess the nuts were the only thing i had laying around and it seemed simple and easy. oh well, with that mess of wires, it...
  9. pigbuggy

    Head Unit write up

    uh.....quite honestly, i have no idea. i just did what everybody else has recommended or did. i really didn't know why either. oh well.
  10. pigbuggy

    Head Unit write up

    Naaaaaa. shag attracts the ladies......
  11. pigbuggy

    Head Unit write up

    Head Unit write-up searching around, one would be hard pressed to find a whole lot of stuff on how to install and configure a new head unit. so as my first write up, and the first modification to the pigbuggy, here it is... there are a couple ways you could go about doing this. since i was...
  12. pigbuggy

    Scold me...

    idont think i'm going to get another harness, that would just be another 10 bucks down the tube plus the $5 for shipping. I should have looked harder (done a little more research) and picked one of these up for an extra $10. would have saved me a lot of trouble. i could still send...
  13. pigbuggy

    more offroad pics!!

    Good Lord, your camera is amazing. I doubt my cannon eos 30D will even turn out pictures like that. <<<<...then again, maybe it will. :D Still, simply stunning.
  14. pigbuggy

    Scold me...

    is this what I'm looking for?
  15. pigbuggy

    Scold me...

    it wont fit in the back of the factory radio either. the plugs in both HU's are square, not flat, so i really don't know what the deal is. I got the harness at circuit city, and it was the only one they (they, being Metra) offered for Toyota that fits and would even have a chance at hooking...
  16. pigbuggy

    Scold me...

    nooooo, otherwise i wouldn't be having this problem. :D i looked, and i couldn't find one that went from Toyota to kenwood. i think all i need to do is cut and twist the two together. maybe?
  17. pigbuggy

    Scold me...

    i'm already part way done, i have EVERYTHING i need to finish this project, but Im just stuck. It would have been pretty straight forward, but theres and added piece i wasn't expecting. the color coded wires coming out of the head unit wont attach to the new wiring harness (because the wiring...
  18. pigbuggy

    Scold me...

    :( I still dont know what to do....
  19. pigbuggy

    Scold me...

    started last night on taking everything out. I was going to go on a suggestion to take the entire dash out, to make it easier, but holy crap, i figured out that would be darn near impossible. so, i got the control panel face off, and then the head unit came out with no problem. i have the wiring...
  20. pigbuggy

    Colorado80 Intro

    welcome! sorry the lady didn't take care of it. hope you can can fix 'er up reeeeaaaal goooood. i also hope those shoes actually belong to a living person, and this isn't a picture of the cruiser from a file of crime photos.:D in which case, might explain the awful dents in front. good...
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