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  1. WyoCruiser

    Builds Grey Build

    marshal, Thank you for a very admirable thread. How is your rebuild working out?
  2. WyoCruiser

    Yellowstone and Teton (pic heavy)

    Thanks for the pictures! We were there in May showing some friends around from CA. Spring and Fall are the best times to go. The changes taking place and colors are spectacular. Also, there are fewer of our species around.
  3. WyoCruiser

    2010 4runner Price ?

    Just my opinion. Decent price = yes. Maybe. We have purchased over a dozen used vehicles and many more new ones. Hope you don't mind some other observations: I would like the service intervals to be 5,000 miles apart instead of 10,000. Also the mileage could be better. Then too you are out...
  4. WyoCruiser

    Home Built Rock Sliders - 2015 T4R Trail

    Well done. I've purchased and installed several sets of sliders(on GSJ15s). Yours look pro grade to me.
  5. WyoCruiser

    Back to a 4Runner

    Thanks Sinister and thanks for the recommendation. I have checked it out and T4R has been added to MUD as a source of "inspiration".:cheers:
  6. WyoCruiser

    crawl control system

    I agree with Jetboy: " You might find that the atrac system and low range is good enough without lockers for anywhere you're realistically going to try to go in a 5,500lb luxury suv." A couple of Cruise Moabs with good instruction showed me that a stock GX or 4Runner(A-TRAC) did just fine...
  7. WyoCruiser

    Back to a 4Runner

    ...just changed the wheels and tires ....
  8. WyoCruiser

    Back to a 4Runner

    Well, we traded our 4Runner for a pickup. Long story=poor choice. But...we are back where we belong!
  9. WyoCruiser

    Thnking about buying a 5th gen

    "The problem is that there really isn't anything else out there that's a comparable vehicle - ie body on frame suv that's smaller in size. most of the reason I use the SUV is for camping and road trips where having all the gear inside is more useful." My family's experience/opinions...
  10. WyoCruiser

    Dual Battery Tray for 03-09 FJC

    You might want to modify the title of your thread. The first FJ Cruiser was classified as a 2007. There were no '3, '4, '5 or '6 FJ Cruisers. Although, if you are trying to attract attention, it worked!;)
  11. WyoCruiser

    FJ Cruiser vs. the 100 series

    Like I said, we don't have to agree. I'm choosing to go with what the manufacturer of Land Cruisers says rather than what I think it should logically be called. Toyota have the right to use/change whatever nominclature they want. It is their product, not mine or anyone else's. Please read...
  12. WyoCruiser

    2012 tt fj

    Welcome to MUD and congrats on your new FJ. I have seen pics of a few of these. It is interesting that Toyota(at the dock?) appears to be installing tow hitches that attach to the left and right frame rails instead of the OEM(that bolts to the rear cross member) we are used to seeing.
  13. WyoCruiser

    Advice for my old dog

    OP, We have had lots of dogs. All of the them were rescues and we still do fostering for a breed rescue. We empathize with you and wish your family the best. It's never gets any easier seeing a buddy not doing well. Take your friend to the vet and have him checked out regarding his accidents...
  14. WyoCruiser

    FJ Cruiser vs. the 100 series

    Of course, we are free to call the FJ Cruiser what we like. Toyota calls the GSJ15 a Land Cruiser. The GSJ15 is more fun and safer. Our old 80(like the early 100) was more 'practical' with 4 regular doors, but didn't have the safety features like standard curtain and seat mounted side...
  15. WyoCruiser

    OK, time for changes

    C clamp
  16. WyoCruiser

    Cape York, QLD, Australia in a 105 Series

    Thanks for the pics! Just received an e-mail from three ladies, we met in Yellowstone NP a year ago, who live on the Gold Coast talking about how warm it was we freeze in Wyoming;-)
  17. WyoCruiser

    Morocco - Western Sahara ... (My First Trip in North Africa)

    Thanks for the pictures and videos.
  18. WyoCruiser

    Say hello to my new FJC Nessie

    Hello Nessie. What nice green skin you have.
  19. WyoCruiser

    Easy roads/trails during Cruise Moab 2011

    We'll be helping with tech inspection and registration all day Wed., but we're getting some good feedback here and on the RisingSun forum Cruise Moab - TLCA Sanctioned Event hosted by Rising Sun - Rising Sun Member Forums so you should be able to find some good suggestions for roads/easy...
  20. WyoCruiser

    Easy roads/trails during Cruise Moab 2011

    Anyone interested in joining us Friday and/or Saturday of CM 2011 for some relaxed, easy sightseeing off pavement (We're doing the CM run to Chicken Corners on Thurs.)? I spoke with RockRunner last night about our situation which you can read about here if you like(Brand New Rig, do we need...
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