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  1. BigAxeJack

    Rough Idle in Drive (or reverse) with 1993 1FZ

    You can usually see the cracks, typically in the "valleys" between the accordion folds. I've seen it fixed with duct tape, but the long term solution is a replacement. It would make sense that this happened during your major project, because the pipe gets damaged when removed.
  2. BigAxeJack

    Rough Idle in Drive (or reverse) with 1993 1FZ

    I've heard of these symptoms occurring with a cracked intake hose. It's the long rubber/plastic "pipe" from the air filter to the throttle body. Worth a peek anyway. Good Luck!
  3. BigAxeJack

    Looking for some nice seat covers for my Hdj81

    I’ve been running the Spectre Off Road seat covers for 9 years and they’re doing great. They have 2 grades, I think the best were called “tough duck”. They’re spendy, but I’ve not seen their equal in fit and quality. Maybe since they make them in house they would custom cut a set for you? Having...
  4. BigAxeJack

    Neglected Knuckles

    You got this! Knuckle rebuild is a rite of passage for any self-respecting 80 owner, and it's not hard to do. Now get out there!
  5. BigAxeJack

    What has left you stranded?

    I've been stranded by an air flow meter that had been ham-fisted open at the no-no screws. If I ever find the hack that did that... Oh wait that hack is me, albeit a younger me who hadn't read enough 'mud at the time.
  6. BigAxeJack

    Parts Gurus - Need Help

    In my experience, your dealer is right. I've not seen the clips serviced independently of the harness. You'll just have to get creative. For your sake, I hope someone can prove me wrong.
  7. BigAxeJack

    What does 'band assy, fold seat stopper, no. 1' actually do?

    Here's some pics of what's in my '93 for comparison. It's a NA spec with the 50/50 split 2nd row. There are no part #'s on any of the parts. Hope this helps...
  8. BigAxeJack

    Heater Core Leak?

    Your suspicions are confirmed. Look on the bright side, you have months to source parts and schedule the down time.
  9. BigAxeJack

    Installed ome 2.5" lift, but having a driver side lean....

    Did you notice if the A or B springs were taller? If so, did you notice if the taller springs went on the DS or PS? In my experience, the taller springs need to be on the USDS.
  10. BigAxeJack

    Fuel pump resistors replacement

    Are you talking about the fuel pump relay under the hood? IIRC, that relay controls an integral resistor that reduces fuel pump voltage based on throttle position and rpm. If deleted, the pump will run full speed all the time. The excess fuel is routed back to the tank via the pressure...
  11. BigAxeJack

    FAQ 1995-1997 1FZ-FE FZJ80 OBD2 Main Engine Wiring Harness Connector Information

    When I grow up I want to be like @beno.
  12. BigAxeJack

    Tell me I’m not the first one to be so careless

    Get a new rad or you'll blow your head gasket.:deadhorse:
  13. BigAxeJack

    need some help with ECU? EFI relay? intermittent starting issues

    This was not the case with mine, it was an intermittent fault. That was my experience, but I agree with the above statement as a generality. To the OP, did you get it sorted?
  14. BigAxeJack

    Front Main Seal While-I'm-In-There REVISED with P/Ns...

    In my experience, the don't snap off, but they can strip out. If you follow all of the prep, your chances of that are lessened. I was hesitant before I tackled this job, but it's really not that bad.
  15. BigAxeJack

    need some help with ECU? EFI relay? intermittent starting issues

    IMHO, stop reading and get yourself two fusible links. One to install and one for the glovebox. If that's not it you're out $30 for preventative maintenance and trail insurance. Unless... Did you recently (or ever) attempt to disassemble the VAF AFM? It's the air meter on the main intake hose...
  16. BigAxeJack

    Part ID Help

    If it's broken and open it could cause a vacuum leak and the engine could run a little rough because of the unmetered air.
  17. BigAxeJack

    Cargo space hallucinations

    I agree with the above post regarding the 3rd row seats. I think that's why the 80 seems bigger. I had a hitchhiker comment on the interior space once. I had all but the front seats out and he said it was bigger than a studio apartment.
  18. BigAxeJack

    Possible Overheating

    Oh yeah, Welcome! :flipoff2:
  19. BigAxeJack

    Possible Overheating

    That black fan clutch could be stock and the source of your issue. Research "blue fan clutch mod" or something similar. I think that Landtank was the OG of that mod. Changing the fluid in mine reduced my summer temps by 10-15*F. Or it could be an air bubble from the radiator install. If you're...
  20. BigAxeJack

    Front Main Seal While-I'm-In-There REVISED with P/Ns...

    Regarding the crank pulley bolt removal, I prefer using a 3/4" breaker bar with a 14mm (?) impact socket on a flywheel bolt. That's how you're going to torque it back on, so why not remove it that way? Just my opinion... An impact driver is definitely the best way to remove the oil pump cover...
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