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  1. Mars

    My Sway-A-Way shock rebuild

    Awesome thread and writeup. Thanks for posting it up. :cheers:
  2. Mars

    experiences with buyback/recall

    So am I understanding this correctly that even without some obvious rust failures they may provide you with a new frame, or possibly just paint it if it is in good shape?
  3. Mars

    Re-Introduction w/ a new ride - '99 4Runner Ltd

    Nice clean truck! I love the paint color. :cheers:
  4. Mars

    Any suggestions or requests for this sub-forum?

    Good call there Wristy.
  5. Mars

    Any suggestions or requests for this sub-forum? In cab winch control and some info on the Scion head unit.
  6. Mars

    In-Cab Winch Control Install

    Awesome info. FAQ material right there.
  7. Mars

    Any suggestions or requests for this sub-forum? Info on engine names for various Tacos.
  8. Mars

    Any suggestions or requests for this sub-forum?

    Is a FAQ in the works yet?
  9. Mars

    Any suggestions or requests for this sub-forum? Great info on manual hubs vs ADD and axle strength.
  10. Mars

    questions for a 2005 taco

    If I were you I'd rip that thing off and find a nice flatbed to put on it...but that's just me. :grinpimp: Any damage to the rear axle or frame damage? Looks like it took a pretty good hit!
  11. Mars

    2.7L questions

    :cool::cool: Right on!
  12. Mars

    2.7L questions

    Get us some photos when you pick it up! :cheers:
  13. Mars

    2.7L questions

    :lol::lol: Looks like you should keep looking. There are starting to be some decent deals around for used Tacomas. :cheers:
  14. Mars

    2.7L questions

    The axle code for your rig can be found on the manufacture's sticker located on the driver's side door jamb as follows: First digit: A = 7.5" ring gear B = 8" ring gear Next two digits: 01 = 3:42 02 = 3:58 03 = 4:10 04 = 4:56 05 = 3:15 06 = 3:91 07 = 4.30 Last digit: A = 2 Pinion, Open B =...
  15. Mars

    2.7L questions

    Ya had me fooled with your handle. Keep us posted if you pick up the rig. :cheers:
  16. Mars

    Flatland's ROTM

    Noice! I'm sure they appreciate it. :cheers: Good looking workmanship there.
  17. Mars

    2.7L questions

    I take it your are in the Vegas area? For reference...take a look at these: 2001 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner ...50k mi ... New Tires! One Owner! 2000 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner X-cab 2003 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner SR5, New Oversized Tires, CD, Orig Owner! 1998 Toyota Tacoma I don't think that price...
  18. Mars

    Flatland's ROTM

    That's exactly why I want a platform in the back of mine. Keep the dogs from being so uncomfortable on the long trips...and from sliding around so much on the bumpy ones. :grinpimp:
  19. Mars

    Any suggestions or requests for this sub-forum?

    1997-2002_Toyota_Drive_Axles.htm Gearing and codes for many trucks.
  20. Mars

    97 lc hitch on a 4runner

    OK. Basically I held the land cruiser hitch up to the frame of the Tacoma, and it might work. The cruiser hitch has outward facing angles that slide onto the frame, you can see them on the top photo. Well, the frame for the Tacoma actually fits inside the angles, just barely. Might need some...
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