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  1. K

    IH8MUD Jerseys

    That info is in the vendor section under "Clothing corner"
  2. K

    Bicycle Lighting... again

    Light & motion Seca 700 here. Mounted to handlebar, works great. I would recommend a small helmet mounted light too. The combination will help you "see around corners" since your handlebars aren't always pointed the same direction you're looking. I ride with the handlebar only light and it...
  3. K

    2hr 15 min trainer ride today

    I can't tolerate more than about 10 minutes on a trainer and I start going bonkers.
  4. K

    Any Mud Triathletes?

    I've done a number of triathlons. Currently on a training program for a half iron man. Some things I've learned... Swim: Don't focus as much on being fast, work on being efficient. The swim is the shortest section so don't worry about "winning the swim." You're better off coming out of...
  5. K

    Lets see those IH8MUD jerseys in action

    cool pic
  6. K

    Lets see those IH8MUD jerseys in action

    check with Mcewan13
  7. K

    What are U wearing?

    45! That's perfect weather :D I use full finger motocross gloves until about 35 degrees. For colder weather I use some windproof breathable gloves. Don't wear too warm of gloves or your hands will sweat on tougher climbs then get cold. Below 20 and I get out the warm gloves.
  8. K

    More cross racing!

    Check out youtube for some video of races. The Europeans get especially rowdy. Lots of cowbells, waffles, beer and even a bit of bike racing.
  9. K

    More cross racing!

    In my opinion yes! There really isn't any nice downhill descents to rest a bit. I'm pretty much bouncing off the rev limiter the whole time :lol: Unlike road racing there is no peleton to roll with either. Nothing like riding along at cardio redline then have to jump off your bike and...
  10. K

    More cross racing!

    Mcewan13 and I can't be the only ones crazy enough to do this right? Lets see some more cx pics!
  11. K

    A few night ride shots (link)

    cool pics
  12. K

    Lets see those IH8MUD jerseys in action

    Other than the cyclocross post I haven't seen any pics of people wearing their jerseys. Lets see some pics of mud members wearing them - bikes, mx, whatever. I'll start, cross race yesterday...
  13. K

    Who races cyclocross? What's the perfect bike?

    Our first race is this weekend. Nice to see the mud jersey in action. I've been wondering where the pics are of fellow mudders in action with the jersey. I'll try to get pics this weekend. Anyway this is my CX bike... Stigmata with Rival group and Ultegra tubless wheels
  14. K

    Single speed build thread

    I like it
  15. K

    Ride ?'s

    Roll your camelback bladder up and put into freezer until next ride. A little warm water and it's ready to go. Freezing it keeps the "funk" at bay. Swish a little bleach in it occasionally and it should give you years of funk free service.
  16. K

    Which Pedals

    Long time eggbeater user here. I like them. They work well in mud and snow. Yeah I've smashed them on rocks and broken them but Crank Bros replaces them. Easy to get in and out of.
  17. K

    broken FS 29er...uugh

    I went hard tail 29er and it's quickly become my favorite bike :)
  18. K


    We had a good time this year. Weather was decent for the most part. The relentless humidity did get a little old. I think I had the only IH8MUD jersey there. Might see ya next year :)
  19. K

    Marin Mountain Bikes - used buying

    Keep in mind the fork and shock suspension seals are 11 yrs old. I wouldn't be surprised if they start leaking. I've seen it before, bike gets "stored" in garage and then comes out of retirement and the old seals start to leak once they get use again. $450 is too much. Do you need full...
  20. K

    IH8MUD racing

    Got mine too. I agree, very nice jersey.
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