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  1. robmir

    Dual battery set up

    Since I have to travel often and leave my cruiser unattended in my home for long periods I went for a very simple old school but reliable setup, keeping power supply and charging as two separated tasks: 1) a Perko heavy duty dual battery marine switch to allow powering the OEM starting and...
  2. robmir

    Safari Soft Shell 80 Series Enclosure Possible Availability!

    Mine will be up to sale at the end of November when I will fly to the states to visit my sons. Barely used and in very very good condition. No idea of the price but pretty sure it will be over the DAC cost since this a custom fit tent of a very good quality and include the magnetic hold...
  3. robmir

    Sleeping Mattress for Landcruiser

    Hi Alvaro: will travel to the states in november and stay there for a couple months, do you know anyone interested in my Safari SoftShell, which is in very very good condition and barely used ? This is a lifetime chance to get ahold one since this people in Utah does not make them any more ...
  4. robmir

    Rear hatch tent

  5. robmir

    Rear hatch tent

    I will travel to the states in November and stay there a couple months, anyone interested in my barely used and in very good condition SoftShell for the FJZ80 ? Let me know asap so I can put it in my bags. I am sure this is a once in a lifetime chance to get one, it seems they will never make...
  6. robmir

    Problems with the Drive Pinion Front Bearing

    Got the bearing, yay:bounce: Thanks anyway, and no doubt , we will be in touch !!!!!!
  7. robmir

    Problems with the Drive Pinion Front Bearing

    keep it on a short leash, you will need it in the future because all new replacement ring and pinion sets now require it for the 80 series if you buy the OEM parts. Anyhow the bearing arrived at my dealer warehouse and I just have it in mi hand, monday it will be installed together with a new...
  8. robmir

    Problems with the Drive Pinion Front Bearing

    I just been informed that Toyota´s inventory computer system shows the bearing is in the stock and in the afternoon they should confirm that, but unfortunately in my own experience this is not the first time the computer show that someting is in stock but zero on their warehouse !!!!!
  9. robmir

    Problems with the Drive Pinion Front Bearing

    We got all the other parts already but the pinion bearing which is the only one not available here right now and is in back order by our Toyota assembling plant, but we can´t wait any more and that´s why I was looking to source it ASAP either in the states or in Japan as Japan4X4 has offered to...
  10. robmir

    Problems with the Drive Pinion Front Bearing

    Got a friend with a unexpected destroyed ring and pinion,and when we ordered the replacement parts at our Toyota dealer, we were surprised when we were notified the former 80 series rear differential Drive Pinion were just discontinued and now the Drive Pinion came with a bigger shaft diameter...
  11. robmir

    H4 and H1 headlight conversion

    Our VX's top of the line trim came with the E H4 Low / High and the H1 High headlamps and both H4 high and H1 are OEM wired together so I guess that at least our wiring harness is rated for the load. I replaced my H1's with 100 W bulbs many years ago and didn't have any problems yet...
  12. robmir

    Low Beams Gone

    When any of my low or high beam bulbs fail after it's normal life span, I don't take any chances and replace both of them at the same time, and of course I do the same with the stop bulbs.:D
  13. robmir

    aluminum radiator

    I would bet Toyota's decision was more based as to save $$$ All their other models had aluminum radiators so why stick with copper/brass ? I replaced mine with the same copper/brass OEM 3 years ago. At least on my case, in a third world country, when driving way out of civilization ...
  14. robmir

    Finishing a V8 install myself....need help.

    I did the SBC route many many years ago on my 74, and it's going through my third motor, longevity is a issue with the Chevy so here are my tips: Brakes: instead of going through the vacum booster I went streight to GM's Hydraboost/master cilinder combo. Since I got rear full floating I...
  15. robmir

    stock steel wheel issue

    For my FJ40 I had to add a 2" bolted wheel spacer to clear the calipers on my modified full floating rear, after I replaced the drum brakes with front discs. I use OEM FJ80 foreign market 16" steel wheels.
  16. robmir

    Wheel Spacer Stud Length

    Got 4 of them for my FJ-40, installed only the rears because the short front lugs (until I replace them with longers) but torqued to 80 ft lbs. , I was afraid to go to 100 lbs !!!!!
  17. robmir

    What's your ultimate gas engine swap for an 80?

    People here are quite disappointed with the perfomance and feeling of the 200 series sold here which only came with the 4.7. A 5.7 is way better for what you require, you will have to deal with the FI ECM conversion and many other details but in the end it will be great. I like better a NA...
  18. robmir

    Insanely lifted 80

    What a waste of steel pipes, could fix a whole house with them !!!!!! Funny part, sooner o later it will be sold for what the guy is asking for, dumb people with lot of cash are not hard to find.
  19. robmir

    limited slip in a FZJ 80 rear diff?

    Yep, your explanation match exactly what has been my experience with mine after years of use but not abuse. I am only aware of it when I reverse in my parking space and feel barely a little ratcheting, but the rest of the time is like I don't have anything, of course a hard aceleration on a...
  20. robmir

    limited slip in a FZJ 80 rear diff?

    And what's your feedback regarding the Auburn ( not that mine gived me any problem yet, but would like to know what to expect from it) ?
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