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    For Sale DELTA FJ80 rear bumper for sale

    I ordered it with double swing outs but did not order the attachments was not sure what I wanted, so it will look like this until attachments are bolted on. they told me all attachments are on the shely in stock. at least when I ordered it anyway. who knows by now though Putin might have caused...
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    For Sale DELTA FJ80 rear bumper for sale

    I purchaced this bumper from Delta back in Jan, I pre paid for it and was told 6-12 weeks. it's been over 12 weeks. Two weeks ago I was told it's at powder coating so I was hoping it would be shipping this week. I just went on their site to look for something else on my list and noticed the...
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    For Sale DELTA FJ80 rear bumper for sale

    NEW FJ80 DELTA rear bumper coming up for sale. Double swing outs no attachments inc. Delta said attachments in stock so you can pick what you want and pay them direct.
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    SOLD 1993 fzj80 oem front bumper

    stock front bumper and corners off my 93. good shape just got my slee bumper. I can text pics but this bumper is in socal and I am not going to ship it so local pick up in murrieta ca. $50
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