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  1. crazylandcruiser

    For Sale 1995 FZJ80 - Oregon

    It’s stated in the history. 12/28/17 full knuckle rebuild
  2. crazylandcruiser

    SOLD Cincinnati 1994 Toyota fj80 triple lock

    Seems well priced. I’d recommend getting a few more pictures of the rig for everyone. Also how is the rust on the body and undercarriage.
  3. crazylandcruiser

    For Sale NorCal: 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser locked

    Seems like a good deal! What part of northern Cali?
  4. crazylandcruiser

    For Sale {SOLD} North Carolina 1994 Locked 80

    Sure glad you aren’t close... that is a good deal on a clean 80 if you were local I’d make room for that!
  5. crazylandcruiser

    For Sale 1997 LX450 locked on 37s sold

    My parents live in Portland I may need to take a trip to visit and drive this back! Seems like a good deal. I’m sure the miles are scaring a few people away but looks like it has less miles on it then it does.
  6. crazylandcruiser

    For Sale 1996 Lexus LX450 - Black - Lockers (NH)

    $7500... seriously :oops:
  7. crazylandcruiser

    craigslist 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser - $5900 in Minnesota

    There is that lx that has factory lockers with 170,xxx miles for 2600. It needs a little work but looks clean and could be a good start. He’s also had it for sale for at least a month at that price bet he would take less.
  8. crazylandcruiser

    craigslist 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser - $5900 in Minnesota

    Did you end up seeing it? Saw it come up on Craigslist and thought it was a good deal.
  9. crazylandcruiser

    SOLD 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser 3x Locked IA

    It may help the sale a little if you were able to post some pictures of the undercarriage rust. Like you mentioned its a midwest car and "surface" rust to the midwest sometimes means a hole all the way through the undercarriage. ;) Im sure you don't mean that but just helps get an idea what the...
  10. crazylandcruiser

    SOLD 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser 3x Locked IA

    Saw this on the Minnesota CL and thought it looked tempting as well. GLWS wish I was in the market seems clean and love the color combo.
  11. crazylandcruiser

    For Sale Built, locked lx450 located in southern WI, 235K, price drop$6000

    6k seems like a pretty good deal for this! Someone should snatch this up. Good base start!! If I had 6k I would be getting it this weekend! Only a couple hours away tool
  12. crazylandcruiser

    SOLD 1993 FZJ80 LOW MILES 3xLocked- 102600 miles

    Wish this was local. I would go pick it up today. GLWS! Lot of truck for the car.
  13. crazylandcruiser

    For Sale 1992 FJ80 white WA, US

    Really wish I was still in the PNW I’d pick this up. Great looking cruiser with a decent start for a good platform. GLWS!
  14. crazylandcruiser

    For Sale 94 FZJ80 mild overland build, 2x locked $8300

    Really wish you were a tad closer. Good looking rig!
  15. crazylandcruiser

    For Sale 94 FZJ80 mild overland build, 2x locked $8300

    Where in Indiana are you?
  16. crazylandcruiser

    For Sale **SOLD***1994 FZJ80 Land Cruiser 6" lift

    Trade you a 2001 Audi S4 v6 twin turbo with 98k miles
  17. crazylandcruiser

    For Sale '87 "The Red Monster" - WY-- SOLD/SHIPPED as of 11-8-15

    I am not sure if it different because you are a vendor but I cant seem to send you a message (private) unless its on your main members page. Wanted to talk a little about your rig... just spend a LONG time (days) reading through 138 pages of your build. Still unclear on a few things.
  18. crazylandcruiser

    For Sale 1991 Diesel FJ80

    Why in NC, I want this on the west coast. GLWS someone will get an great truck to work with!
  19. crazylandcruiser

    For Sale '86 FJ60 350TBI $16,000 Augusta, GA

    How has this not sold... If you were closer!!
  20. crazylandcruiser

    For Sale or Trade: 1987 Built FJ60 ARB/4.56/Sliders/drawers/etc

    You are not far from me at all (Im near woodstock, brentwood/darlington area). I PM'ed you, would like to give this a look at possibly.
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