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  1. 73fj40lc

    Southbostonfj soft top bows

    Well since it looks like the Pilgram soft top bows package deal fell through I thought that some of you would be interested. Alex has 15 sets of soft top bows coming in for $600 plus shipping. He has them listed in the parts for sale section on Mud. Usually you have to buy a top and bows from...
  2. 73fj40lc

    Pilgrim Restorations...

  3. 73fj40lc

    Pilgrim Restorations...

    Put me on the list for a set of bows. Hopefully we will get some more orders so it will be cheaper for everybody. If everybody coordinates picking up the parts we should be able to cut down the amount of miles everybody has to drive to get them.
  4. 73fj40lc

    Lowcountry Snow

    I see the red appendage on the snowman. What happened to the snowballs? I see plenty of snow laying around to finish him off. Was it supposed to be for the nose? Then after all that somebody decides to warm their hands off his appendage.:eek: This is so wrong in so many ways.
  5. 73fj40lc

    Pilgrim Restorations...

    I have been looking for a set of soft top bows. I would be in for a set for $450 if anybody can confirm the quality if his bows. If the quality is there I am all in for a set. I am in Florence (29501). For those of you that don't know, Jim has alot of crap going on right now. He may be down but...
  6. 73fj40lc

    Dinner is served

    You little s***. You just had to go and post those pic's just to rub it in didn't you. I haven't been to a good oyster roast in a couple of years.
  7. 73fj40lc

    Tiger's Truck in My Hometown

    By the way David I saw you pulling into West Florence High school the other day while I was picking up my son. Great looking FJ. I need to sell my Z71 and get an FJ. Then I would have both the old and the new.
  8. 73fj40lc

    Tiger's Truck in My Hometown

    Holy Crap, I am glad that I am happily married and not talking to crazy ass women. Sure is nice knowing that I still have crazy people living close by. Locked and loaded just in case. During my law enforcement days in Florence I did get to see some real vindictive crap go on. One of the best was...
  9. 73fj40lc

    Sparks Toyota Outstanding Customer Service

    I have copied below, text from an E-Mail that my brother sent to the Florence Toyota dealership. They have completely lost my entire family's business over this incident and some in the past. Their Customer Service is horrable and they don't want to fix anything that is under warranty.:mad...
  10. 73fj40lc

    School me on Charleston, SC

    JJS you hijacking sum*****! HeHe we already have him speaking Southern. SOB in the south it is all one word. If he was speaking Yankee it would have been four words, SOAB. Converting him b4 he even gets here. I believe that there is hope for you afterall jsaltlick. We might be able to cure...
  11. 73fj40lc

    40 smells awful

    Lets see the two common variables in BBQ BOY's recount is himself and the gas station. X2 on your explination.
  12. 73fj40lc

    Bought a 2nd blue FJ40 today.

    Damn now that was a good one. I believe that comment places you in the lead for the day. :clap:
  13. 73fj40lc

    School me on Charleston, SC

    I think we need just a bit more instigation to get this thread really rolling. I for one have gotten some good laughs out of it. :hillbilly:
  14. 73fj40lc

    School me on Charleston, SC

    Also for an added bonus I have included a link for a song that will help you out if you do indeed move down South. Michael Reno Harrell, Americana, Supersonic EPK - Sonicbids Click the link and listen to the second song, "Southern Suggestions". The singers Southern country voice my not be...
  15. 73fj40lc

    School me on Charleston, SC

    Well, now I am starting to enjoy the written quips on this thread. Need to instigate a little more. jsaltlick I hope you know that we are having fun at your expense but you are holding your own. LOL Never met a Yankee that wasn't proud of it. Worked with one for 10 years before he passed away...
  16. 73fj40lc

    A little expedition...

    uwharrie What, no pic's of the carnage. I have family that live close by to that area and wheel there regularly. Here is a link to the official map if you didn't already have it. My cousin has a nice little white...
  17. 73fj40lc

    Bought a 2nd blue FJ40 today.

    Man that is just wrong. Got excited getting ready to see the great score and more 40 porn, then to be let down with a plastic model. All I can say is:flipoff2:.
  18. 73fj40lc

    School me on Charleston, SC

    Our secret is finally out. The Yankees have finally figured out that screwed them 150 years ago. They all went back North and left us alone God's Country. We kept the gold mine and they went back home to the shaft.
  19. 73fj40lc

    My 80 was wreck yesterday on 25 south of Greenwood.

    Damn the Buick was toast. I can't believe that the 80 didn't sustain more motor damage. It looks like the engine bay should have been crushed. It was a good looking 80. Glad you are alright. Now find another one and you will have plenty spare parts to use. If it was my 40 I do believe that I...
  20. 73fj40lc

    Craigslist: 1973_Fj40 Charleston

    Man if his pricing is correct my 73 is in the $30k price range anybody interested? :D I might would go $2k if there are good parts on it.
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