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    Any local shops or individual recommendations?

    All the wiring, hoses (coolant and any vacuum), and throttle connections. I took another look over it, and am thinking I'll just spend some time reading up on everything and get it down slowly. Doesn't look like it will be all that difficult, just can't get in a rush.
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    Any local shops or individual recommendations?

    Hey guys, so I spun a bearing in my 40 about 7 years ago and at the time was ambitious enough to put a 350 in place of the 1F. I got the engine and transmission in but then got busy with other things (buying a house, other cars, work etc) and haven't had a chance to finish up the swap. It's...
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    WTB FJ40 rims

    I've got a set of the white wheels off my '68 if they work for you, now that i think about it they may be aftermarket. Don't have any pics they are sitting in the garage, but ill try to take a look. You can have 1F block with them too! I'm in north spokane, email me
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    Where did you mount your stereo/speakers?

    Mine I ended up putting a couple 6x9's up under the dash, so they hang down but are not in the way. Then used zip ties through the holes that hold the door from swinging open all the way. Worked out pretty good and can hear when driving...
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    F head swap options

    I wanted some color in my engine so I told em to jazz it up a bit. Actually that's just what the shop put in there...
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    SM465 top plate install

    thanks for the tips, now to take another shot at it.
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    SM465 top plate install

    Hey guys, is there any special trick to getting the top plate back on this transmission? It's in the vehicle. Maybe I'm just not getting things lined up right. Thanks
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    Spokane Picture Thread

    Hey guys, just thought to make a thread with pictures of our rigs so we know who's driving around this town. Here's me... and one of where it's at now...
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    Hey guys I'm Jon and my cruiser is up on the north side too. For about a month more though I live in Pullman. Good to see there are a few in the area on the boards. Thanks for the PM tonkota.
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    The Marshall Plan

    Hey, nice work. Nice to see more people from Spokane on here
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    1964 FJ40- how to remove transfer case?

    Have checked the lock tab, guess I'll double check and maybe go at it with the grinder and try again. Thanks for the replies all
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    1964 FJ40- how to remove transfer case?

    Hey, know this is an old post, but did you have to do anything special to remove the nut on that shaft? Been working on it quite a while and it won't budge. It's not reverse threaded is it? I've tried both directions now. Thanks
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    Cracked Head

    Must be a problem in Spokane, I'm in the exact same situation. There's a place in New Hampshire that sells heads for about 300 shipped to Spokane, or at least thats what I got from one phone call last week. The guys at the cylinder head shop on division have the number, or I can get it for you...
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    Engine services in Sokane, WA?

    thanks guys, gonna rip into the engine later this week, sounds like it threw a rod or something driving on the highway last week.
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    Engine services in Sokane, WA?

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone new of anyplace in E. WA to buy an F or 2F engine or parts for one. Also, been looking through the stickies to see but couldn't figure out for sure if the 2f is a direct bolt in for the F. It's a '68 FJ40 w/ stock 3spd Thanks for the help
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    '68 FJ40 in E. WA - $6300

    Somewhat negotiable on price, also have the rear benches but won't fit around bar w/out modification.
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    '68 FJ40 in E. WA - $6300

    Hey, looking to sell my '68 land cruiser, I'm in Eastern Washington if anyone becomes interested. Here are some specs... - F Engine - 3 spd on floor, have parts for column - PTO winch - smittybilt rear hoop and SOR front cage w/ wraps - besttop rear bench - MB wheels and regular white wagons -...
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    68' FJ40 FS in WA st

    Here is a list of info, not really in a hurry to sell but looking for 6800 if someone sees what they like... - Stock F engine w/3spd (on floor but also have parts for on column) - Roll cage (Smittybuilt main hoops and SOR front)w/SOR wraps - Hardtop w/full doors - Bikini top - Black denim...
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    Fj40 lockers!

    Year Hey does anyone know if you can put an aussie locker on a pre 69' cruiser? I looked on a site that listed them for 69' and up. Thanks
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    Heater Switch Question

    Awesome, Ill look into that thanks for the info
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