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  1. Fuzzy Logic

    Wiper motor keeping me off the road! (rotor shorted?)

    You need to get a FSM. The solid blue wire is hot, the others are grounds. That's how the speed are acquired, through grounds
  2. Fuzzy Logic

    RTH Output shaft bearing retainer bolt length?

    Why not measure the depth of each hole and use the appropriate length bolt?
  3. Fuzzy Logic

    eBay 1978 High Performance Land Cruiser FJ40

    X2 :doh:
  4. Fuzzy Logic

    For Sale 82 BJ42 w/ 3B Diesel in KY $5900

    For the life of me; I'm unable to find the cruiser on Ebay. Can you post up a link?
  5. Fuzzy Logic

    For Sale 1997 FZJ80 Dallas,TX $6000

    If not its time...
  6. Fuzzy Logic

    Need advice on dealing with repair costs from shop

    I need something a little more proof positive than "They look the same" especially coming from a Left Coast Post Queen. :princess: How about it SPIKE-O ?
  7. Fuzzy Logic

    Wire identification help

    The 4X4 indicator switch would have to be on the transfer case, see one? I don't think so.
  8. Fuzzy Logic

    2F piston gap spacing and general assembly questions

    New in box, broken ring? Whats the brand name of these marvelous wonders?
  9. Fuzzy Logic

    HJ60 axles on FJ40 - Differential Flange

    Drilln the flange would be a hell of a lot easier than jackn with those stubborn u joints.
  10. Fuzzy Logic

    Wire identification help

    The heater wires run down from under the dash panel behind the ash tray and travel along the heater hoses to the rear heater. No passenger warning belt indicator.
  11. Fuzzy Logic

    ARB 40 "Catchers Mask" Bull Bar

    As if you got a lot of room to be talking..:meh:
  12. Fuzzy Logic

    ARB 40 "Catchers Mask" Bull Bar

    99% of the posters on this thread need to get a new life.
  13. Fuzzy Logic

    HEI issues

    Your not fixn to jump off a bridge or something like that are you ?
  14. Fuzzy Logic

    timing plate seal

    Call your local dealer and check :meh:
  15. Fuzzy Logic

    Carburetor Question

  16. Fuzzy Logic

    Bushings I don't know how they should be, my gut is telling me something is WRONG??

    Long Winded Blow Hard......:hhmm:
  17. Fuzzy Logic

    Videos of first start...

    You need to study this---- . Four Stroke Engine Basics
  18. Fuzzy Logic

    Headgasket thread

    You gotta be kidding, are you really serious?:meh:
  19. Fuzzy Logic

    Headgasket thread

  20. Fuzzy Logic

    1/76 vacuum routing sanity check

    I'd like to see a pic of that mess.
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