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    94 window switch form ebay - any thoughts?

    I ordered switch doctor switch.It worked at first but then drivers window wouldn’t go up .I could get it to go up if I kept trying it .I noticed if I let truck sit off and then tried it would go up.I was going to clean original but small springs popped out and I couldn’t figure out where they...
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    Who in Here Actually Uses Their 3rd Row Seat(s)?

    2nd row up.3rd down makes great changing room for putting on ski boots and gear !
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    driver window wont always go up

    My drivers window will not go up all the time.If I turn truck off and let it sit a few minutes it will then work.I replaced switch with a switch doctor one and it seemed to work fine for awhile.Then one day in cold it didn't.Now its warm and it wont go up after putting it down.It will go up a...
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Ophir pass is only open on Silverton side not Ophir side.It will usually open end of May or beginning of June.I didn't want anyone to think they can go over it.
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    To LX450 owners.

    100 series has a 4.7 v8 .
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    Moab Trip & Colorado/Idaho - What & Where

    Ophir is plowed first.San Juan co.(Silverton) usually gets up top in May.San Miguel co.(Telluride) around Memorial Day or beginning of June.
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    City folks just don't get it! Farmers
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    Moab Trip & Colorado/Idaho - What & Where

    Ophir,corkscrew and Imogene passes should be open in June.
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    Moab Trip & Colorado/Idaho - What & Where

    Black bear may not be open yet. Depends on snow.
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    Removing lower door panel light bulbs

    You can disconnect connector plug.If you disconnect plug or bulbs then your lights won't come on when leaving rear hatch open.
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    Another Holiday Giveaway – LED dome lights

    I'm in.Thanks.Merry Christmas!
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    For Sale 80 series parts

    What is color and cond. of rear hatch?rust?
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    92 FJ80....NO Heat! Anything to Look For?

    Make sure you have o ring
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    Missing spare tire tool

    There is a kit on classifieds
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    For Sale 91-97 80 L.C,LX taillights,blinkers

    $30 pAir or $20 and $10
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    For Sale 80 ,LX Running board caps[CO]

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    80 Series - Did you know?

    You can spell Toyota with circles of the sombero emblem.
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    Is there any way to seal a leaking wheel?

    Tire shops have black bead sealer they could spread on bead.You can sand rough corroded area.
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    For Sale 80 ,LX Running board caps[CO]

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