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    Hoosier "Cruiser" (IndyFJ) Meet Tentative April 1 2017

    This is official, April 1. Thanks! 4PM Located in: Castleton Address: Castleton, 6426 82nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46250
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    Hoosier "Cruiser" (IndyFJ) Meet Tentative April 1 2017

    We have only had one 40 come to our meet and greets, but we all love and respect the vehicle. It inspired us to purchase what we did. I will check back to this thread to see if anyone shows interest in coming to Indianapolis on this day to meet and hang out for a few hours. Here's a link to...
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    Looking for meetings

    Get in touch with us at - We will probably have our first eat and greet April 1st and you are welcome to come. A few of the members wheel, some don't but you can make some friends.
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    FJ40 in Westfield

    It would be nice to have some of these folks come to the indyfjcruiser meets, just in spirit we love and support the vehicles. We get a few from time to time though.
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