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    New CSC Member #549

  2. murf

    Arizona Classifieds / For Sale / Wanted

    tan/oak 100 series floor mats with logo. like new $48.00
  3. murf

    November ROTM 11/07-08

    that was a fun area! Remember the blackhawk helicopers buzzing right over us on the river?
  4. murf

    Arizona Cardinals Talk

    Larry signed another one year deal and is back for 2020 👍
  5. murf

    CSC Chat
  6. murf

    Arizona Cardinals Talk

    hopefully the Cardinals dont overpay for Drake- they have to pretty much keep Johnson -no one would trade for that 5th year payroll! Anyone thinking that Arians in TB will take on his salary is a pipe dream. There are many needs and they need to be careful where they spend the $$
  7. murf

    Arizona Cardinals Talk

    I thought the Texans were in the drivers seat going into the 2nd quarter up 24-0 but it just shows that KC can turn on the Offense at will...both Sunday games were entertaining. KC and GB - yes! thats the match up ID like to see.
  8. murf

    Toyotas of Barrett-Jackson Day 1

    didn't sound like it when I spoke with him earlier this week? His is the tan over maroon 2 tone.
  9. murf

    Turtle Back Trailers

    Berry our Aussie CSC'r works for a company Ive dealt with for a dozen years: Inyati bedliner company. The owners Hilton and Malcom are a couple of the best partners Ive had the pleasure of dealing with! total quality and hands on approach. In the last several years they have expanded into...
  10. murf

    Toyotas of Barrett-Jackson Day 1

    Thanks for posting Mark! thats great : youre the "reporter on the scene" lol Hopefully if you hear what one or more sell for, that would be interesting to hear... The second pic from above (83 4x4 pickup) was restored and recently sold by one of our own - Matt over at Finishing Touch. I see...
  11. murf

    New CSC Member #547 Nathan Dubes

    Finally joined Nathan! :cheers:
  12. murf

    spy shots of classic Toyotas

    beautifully kept and sorted 4Runner
  13. murf

    CSC Chat

    LATEST FROM TOYOTA INTERNAL MEMO Good Morning Denver Region! Great news for A70 & A80 Supra owners! Toyota will announce today that they will begin production of a limited number of discontinued Supra parts for the above mentioned models under the GR Heritage Parts name. These parts will be...
  14. murf

    Murf is now at Riverview Toyota - OEM parts and service for CSC

    let me check Thursday after the prices change
  15. murf

    Murf is now at Riverview Toyota - OEM parts and service for CSC

    GREAT NEWS! Like they did last year on radiators, Toyota is becoming more price competitive with many more of their OEM parts. in 2020 these items will be the same great parts but at a lower price point. Toyota is excited to announce, effective January 1, 2020, significant price adjustment to...
  16. murf

    Arizona Classifieds / For Sale / Wanted

    Downsizing. OBO
  17. murf

    Arizona Classifieds / For Sale / Wanted

    For Sale: My Edgestar 63 QT refrigerator. Spent entire life inside my old office keeping my water bottles cool. Run great , clean , will easily freeze and no issues. 5 years old - only went on a couple trips in the truck. Runs on both 110V and 12V. $265.00 image and specs here > EdgeStar 63 Qt...
  18. murf

    Arizona Classifieds / For Sale / Wanted

    YES, can you deliver and swap it for the $50 with him please? He is expecting them...I have the lights at home. Let me know what I can do to get them to you?
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    sas 3 trip 8-19
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