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    For Sale 80 series Tan leather Third Row Seats

    Price Bump - $75
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    For Sale 80 series Tan leather Third Row Seats

    Selling a pair of tan leather third row seats from my LX450. The seats are in great condition. PM with any questions or for additional pics. $100 Thanks!
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    Scion 1807 Head Unit

    Sold Sold Sold
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    Scion 1807 Head Unit

    Scion Head Unit T1807. Direct Plug and play with fjz 80. $60 obo plus the ride. Thanks Victor
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    Random 80 parts (Radio, Floor mat, window switch)

    I'll take the mat shipped to 78130. Will you take paypal? PM me
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    fj80 flares

    I'm interested in the driver's side front and rear if they are still for sale. I'm in Texas. I have a 95 will these fit? Do they still have the gaskets attached? Thanks
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    Scion 1807 Radio Head Unit

    I have used my ipod through the aux input jack. Thanks.
  8. H

    Scion 1807 Radio Head Unit

    $35 plus the ride.
  9. H

    Scion 1807 Radio Head Unit

    I just upgraded my scion head unit so I'm selling my old one. I've had it for about 3 months. It's essentially a direct plug in play for all 80's I believe. Asking $50 plus the ride. Thanks. Victor
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    80-Series Green Fender Flares Fresh Paint!!! East TN

    Can you repaint a front driver's side fender flare and driver's side rear both flares white? If not let me know as I will have to paint them myself. Thanks. Victor
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    80 series parts - Engine, trany, seats, ect

    If available, I'll take the ds and ps switches (door lock and window), as well as the shifter. Let me know if they are still available. Thanks Victor
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    Driver's Side Front Fender Flare fj80 Green

    I'm trying to get rid of a driver's side front fender flare. ordered off of mud but was the wrong year. Fits: fj80 Color: Green Price: $35 plus shipping. Will post pic this afternoon. Thanks victor
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    LX450 Head unit/CD changer

    Second in line if everything works fine. How much shipped to 78130, everything. Thanks
  14. H

    80 Series center console

    I'm interested if you can send a pic. Thanks
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    Scion 1807 Head Unit

    I'm by no means firm on the price. No offer will go overlooked. No intention to get by on mud members. Thanks.
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    Scion 1807 Head Unit

    Im upgrading my head unit so im selling my scion head unit 1807. Its a direct plug in with any fjz 80. I'm asking $75 obo. Thanks. pm or email me
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    80 Parts

    Fender Flare: Front I'll pack them up and get a price for you before the weekend. Thanks
  18. H

    80 Parts

    I'm trying to get rid of some parts on my fjz 80: Carpet (Grey) ($75) Driver's side Fender Flare (Green) ( $35) Running Boards ($50) Floor Mats ($35) plus the ride PM me or email me
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    fj 80 front stock bumper

    Sorry all, its SOLD I do have running boards available.
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