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  1. Snailtrail

    1HDFT identification?!

    One change that hapened during the 1HD-FT's production cycle was the location of the coolant drain on the left hand side of the block. Early blocks had a brass drain plug in the bottom of the alloy oil cooler cover. Later blocks used a different oil cooler cover without the drain, but the...
  2. Snailtrail

    1hd-ft injection timing

    The FSM shows - Europe 1.52-1.58mm Australia 1.37-1.43mm Hope that helps.
  3. Snailtrail

    1HD-FT fuel pump question

    Theres various ways to go about this. Search for 'EGR' in the 80 section of the forum at as the Euro spec 1HD-FT only came equipped with EGR. One way is to join the valves and vacuumn solenoids to themselves.
  4. Snailtrail

    14b / 14bt Fuel Pump Code

    If your after the Toyota part numbers they are - European spec 22100-58830 Manual gearbox Japanese spec 22100-58780 Manual gearbox 22100-58790 Auto transmission If your after the Denso part numbers i only have the one for the Japanese manual - VE4/12F1800RND619 Good luck!!!
  5. Snailtrail

    105 with a 1HZ wiring diagram needed

    Heres a pic of an early '98 HZJ105 - they will all be the same though.
  6. Snailtrail

    STOLEN HDJ81 GOLD---- Calgary AB Canada

    Thats awesome man :clap::smokin:
  7. Snailtrail

    Factory 1HZT

    Dragging this thread up from the depths - kicking and screaming... Well this topic has been lying almost dead and buried in the back of mind for some time now. The only spark of interest was the fact that the EPC shows the 1HZ-T engine label under the 'Caution plate & name plate (engine)'...
  8. Snailtrail

    F radiator in a B

    Im pretty sure the reason why the 'B' series radiators changed is due to the introduction of power steering. It looks as though power steering wasnt available until 10/81. Up until then the upper radiator hose joined the radiator on the RH side. After 10/81 it changed with the upper hose...
  9. Snailtrail

    Next most fuel efficient diesel vs 3b??

    Sorry to keep butting in, but if im reading the info in this thread right, then the 14B-T injection pump uses a 12mm plunger...? Carry on... :flipoff2:
  10. Snailtrail

    Next most fuel efficient diesel vs 3b??

    Last page... And lastly, just for reference, heres the tag of a manual 14B-T injection pump - because theres squat in the way of information out there for this engine. Maybe it means something to someone?
  11. Snailtrail

    Next most fuel efficient diesel vs 3b??

    Heres a few more from the post '95 FSM.
  12. Snailtrail

    13B-T vacuum switching valve

    You could try Dave@Japan4x4
  13. Snailtrail

    13B-T vacuum switching valve

  14. Snailtrail

    What to keep out of donor truck?

    Ive only ever seen that setup once, it was on a BJ60 that i stripped the H55F out of. You could tell the parts were OEM and not something someone fabbed up, but i really didnt have any idea what it was for. I stumbled across it in the EPC under the 'propeller shaft' diagram. Theres a different...
  15. Snailtrail

    almuminum 3b bell housing

    Heres a few pictures of the alloy B series cruiser bellhousing. These two pics show H55F setups - the gruby one is the original unit out of my 01/1985 BJ61, while the cleaner one is from a BJ74 i rebuilt as a replacement. And heres the BJ74 box still bolted to its engine.
  16. Snailtrail

    Do the 1HD-T and 1HD-FT run the same turbo?

    :crybaby: WOW, talk about getting your panties all bunched up!
  17. Snailtrail

    Diesel 60's compared to Gas 60's

    The JDM HJ61 was only available with the high roof, other markets such as Australia had the option of both low and high roof models. It looks as though the General and European markets got both the manual and auto from 10/85. The Japanese on the other hand got the manual from 10/85, but waited...
  18. Snailtrail

    online manuals

    Just a heads up for those wanting a paper copy of the 1HD-FT FSM, theres one on OZ Ebay right now - click for link to auction
  19. Snailtrail

    Olive gets some extra air

    Im not sure about other models/markets, but the JDM BJ60 swapped oil filter housings at 11-1984. Pre - hanging, post - inverted. The gasket between the oil filter housing and the main oil cooler cover didnt change its part number, so the two different housings should swap. Out of interest...
  20. Snailtrail

    Engine cooling circuit 1HD-FTE

    If you open the FTE file in this thread 100/105 Series 1HZ 1HD-T 1HD-FTE Engine Specs it will show the coolant flow diagram your after.
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