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  1. matt 105

    Australian friends ?

    What are you after? A mud member posted me my Warn SPI - 20 kg! from Oregon.
  2. matt 105

    Went Electric...ditched the fan clutch

    Great stuff! Well done.
  3. matt 105

    PROJECT SNOWY building an 80 in another country [Aus owner-vehicle U.S]

    Nice tent. Just pushing this back to page 1. Any more details, Daz?
  4. matt 105

    fzj80 with exo.

  5. matt 105

    Frame Dimension of the HDJ 80 frame

    The 75 chassis in your pic is designed to be flexible. It has leaf springs. We used to fit tow bars to them in mines even though they would never tow a trailer, as the outside C sections of the chassis would crack at the very back, as the chassis would twist so much when the vehicle was crossed...
  6. matt 105

    Frame Dimension of the HDJ 80 frame

    80srs chassis is more ridgid/less flexible than the 75/79srs, and the 105 srs is even more ridgid.
  7. matt 105

    What are the chances? Last day of school and girl backs into my son's FJ80.

    ARB and Hella if you want the best for it.
  8. matt 105

    Help fjz80 97 need a oil sending unit seal

    UltraBlue or similar - like the sump.
  9. matt 105

    Caster correction plates, looking for tips

    Once they are in, flex the car up a ramp and see what your tie rod rubs on.
  10. matt 105

    Mounting an upright winch in a stock bumper?

    A high mount. Only like this i think.
  11. matt 105

    Stabilizer bar spacer size

    I think once you take the sway bar off, you wont worry about putting it back on. Otherwise, it depends how much longer your new shocks are. You just need to lift the front of the car up, so the front axle is at full drop and check that the sway bar clears the front tail shaft. Matt
  12. matt 105

    How to install a 8274 into a non-commercial ARB bumper – walkthrough

    I bent up a new center bar and trimmed the bumper. I used 3/8 (10mm) flat bar for spacers. Heres another good link.
  13. matt 105

    Fixing leaking front transfer case flange seal

    I believe youve asked this on another forum. You should get the FSM, check out toyoDIY, or sell that car.
  14. matt 105

    Ironman bar to low!

    The bottom of the ARB is the height of the bottom of the chassis - see the tow points bolted to the bottom of the chassis.
  15. matt 105

    My New 80 Ute

    like :)
  16. matt 105

    anyone with lightforce lights

    Used to work on a large fleet of road trains that had a mix of Hella 4000s and lightforce 240s. They are about the same price. I ditched my lightfarce 240s with a car I sold, and bought Hella 4000s. Better light, and they were more reliable on the trucks as well. Lightforce might be builet...
  17. matt 105

    need real time help!!! transfer case

    Dont worry - is normal.
  18. matt 105

    New Spindles w/Roller Bearings

    Need to add the part nos. which I dont have at hand. Would be nice to link to the other threads about this. Matt
  19. matt 105

    Roller bearing retrofit on older spindle

    Bump - for Beno. I knew we had been thru all this before.
  20. matt 105

    Warn 8274 stuffed in an ARB Deluxe Bar (Pics)

    Well, its been a little longer than I planned, but I finally did it. With just a little trimming to clear the gearbox and brake, and some 3/8 (10mm) spacers, the mighty 8274 has a new home. It clears the grill nicely. I was going to just leave it out, but I bent up a new middle pipe - I...
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