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  1. aamiggia

    Smoked Harness: Lessons Learned

    What are the chances that an 80's parts supplier is on MUD :D
  2. aamiggia

    Smoked Harness: Lessons Learned

    What are the chances that an 80's parts supplier is on MUD :D
  3. aamiggia

    Fusible Link - not final fix

    Did you ever sort out the problem? I'm having the exact same thing as of yesterday on my '97. FL AM2 (white w/ red wire) blew, then fused jumper blows when engine is very warm. IGN fuse is OK, EFI relay is clicking with jumper in place and cold engine. I noticed a burn / melted wire smell from...
  4. aamiggia

    No Heater (Blower) Fan at all

    I think it is, after some more searching I found that the blower takes the min power form the big xxA fuse under the hood and the relay is controlled by the smaller 10A fuse in the drivers location. Both are good. There are a few "HTR" relays. No.1 and No.2 are on the blower motor itself. There...
  5. aamiggia

    No Heater (Blower) Fan at all

    I searched and searched, a lot of stuff about the resistor. My '97 LX450 suddenly lost all fan settings. Symptoms: - the recirculation button is inoperable, it does not light up at all - The vent selection buttons work and I can hear them changing position (i.e. floor, vent, defrost) - The...
  6. aamiggia

    Alternator Good Wire for Slee Dual Battery Setup?

    Awesome, that's exactly what I needed. George picks up the Daytime Running Lights (DRL) to pickup the alternator good signal. I noticed this in some wiring diagrams posted on the internet. Thanks for your help.
  7. aamiggia

    Alternator Good Wire for Slee Dual Battery Setup?

    There are 3 wires (aside from the main cable to the battery). They are yellow, blue black, and black. I know that they are supposed to be ignition, battery constant, and combination meter, but I'm not sure in what order. The black wire is thicker gauge then the rest. Anyone with a LX450 wiring...
  8. aamiggia

    Alternator Good Wire for Slee Dual Battery Setup?

    I've searched, but to no avail. I'm installing a dual battery setup a la Slee wiring diagram, but I'm not sure where is the best place to take the "alternator good" signal from. Please help identifying the actual wire (color and location) and if I should fuse it. 1997 LX450 USDM Thanks.
  9. aamiggia

    Looking for some info on my 5 speed HDJ81

    Thanks, I'm not too familiar with the tranny / t-case codes. I'm assuming h151f is the transmission and hf1a is the transfercase. My truck has free wheeling hubs and is part time 4wd. Does you think the t-case is still a hf1a?
  10. aamiggia

    Looking for some info on my 5 speed HDJ81

    Hey Guys, I'm back on mud after a short time being landcruiserless, 2 kids, and a job that consumes all of my other time. I just picked up a 1991 HDJ81 with a manual transmission and factory electric lockers. I'm looking to understand what transmission I have and if it has anything in...
  11. aamiggia

    Swap H2A for H2AV, Tips?

    Hello All, Did some resaearch and I think I got it, but please give me your insight. I'm looking to buy a JDM HDJ-81 with a transfer case (H2A) noise. I'm planning on swapping the t-case with a local 1997 FZJ80 (H2AV) unit. I've read that the drive shafts are different sizes. Can...
  12. aamiggia

    EFI Fuse Blowing -- Ideas?

    I'm not sure if the diagnosis was explained, but traditionally the fuel pump is powered through the Main Relay that is switched ON by the ignition. If the pump is faulty and shorting (i.e. high resistance) too much current will be drawn through the EFI fuse. Although I would assume that there is...
  13. aamiggia

    Quiz - Name that clunk noise up front

    OK, I'll bite. You forgot to put the outer snap ring back on each axle. So it was sliding in and out of the hub and hitting something.
  14. aamiggia

    Post your pictures of Rust on your Cruiser!

    I'll try to get the pictures tonight. Biggest rust problem on 80's is the rear hatch. It seems that moisture collects at the top of the rear hatch window seal just below the fluid squirter. EVERY CDM LX450 that I've seen has some form of rust in this spot. Also moisture can collect and rot...
  15. aamiggia

    price of 94 lc in Canada

    The JDM route is an option, but be prepared to drive RHD and walk around for weeks if you need a specialty part. Or pay an outrageous amount of money to over night stuff. I wouldn't recommend RHD if you do a lot of city driving.
  16. aamiggia

    price of 94 lc in Canada

    1993+ LC's are still pricey in Canada. The owners know they're rare and they still have a whole in their wallet from when it was imported to Canada. A 1994 - 1997 LC will ASK for $15,000 - $19,000. They will not sell, but the owner will not want to part with it for the more realistic $10,000...
  17. aamiggia

    Forum Members Front Bumpers

    Here's a silly question. What's wrong with mounting a winch behind the stock bumper and adding a OEM fairlead? Many JDM 80's have electric winchs mounted to a stock bumper. This is a Euro spec 80, but the OEM winch must be JDM only because I couldn't find the part on the 1995 Euro EPC...
  18. aamiggia

    Fuel transfer for external gas tank

    What about the Flo N' Go or the same without the home station.
  19. aamiggia

    Need FSM CEL code help - P116

    I've had this code in the past on very cold mornings and not so cold mornings. I've never had abnormal temp. readings. I have a new t-stat, but have yet to install it. Each time I got the MIL I just reset it and it never came back. The frequency of the light in my case is once every six...
  20. aamiggia

    Builds ROTW - Blupaddler

    Can you give more details on the Aux. fuel tank. Do you have a write-up for it or was it installed? It would be nice to know if it's a complete kit with 2nd fuel pump, dual neck filler, gauges, switching between, etc.
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