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  1. HercDriver

    I'm in people Magazine

    Back in the 60's, when the earth was still cooling, the rite of passage was to go to Myrtle Beach for the first time, and have Bessingers BBQ on the way thru the low country. Great BBQ, Great Sauce, and Super Marketing.
  2. HercDriver


    Yep, and you get'em from the peanut man. You are old dude!
  3. HercDriver

    Our beloved 80 has developed a slight shift problem

    How about another good soaking in the Chattooga?
  4. HercDriver

    Scouting Chattooga (It was a good day)

    Long distance rocks Yeah not falling for that one. I'm pretty sure there are throwable rocks in San Diego. Something tells me I'd get hit with one walking out of my house if I posted that pic up. Don't worry about a rock: you won't even perceive a threat. When it comes, there will be no...
  5. HercDriver

    CC & Kens Journal

    Tejas, amigo! "The road goes on forever, and the party never ends." K and CC
  6. HercDriver

    CC & Kens Journal

    Okay where are the Texas chairs? Just not right without them. Finally had to chunk'em, Marshall. Axles broke and my ass was draggin. Don't worry we will resupply in Texas on the way home. Want one? Put in your order
  7. HercDriver

    Jane Doe and Joe Buck

    Hey Jim, maybe we should get an "Old Guys Rule" tee with a UC logo on the front. Available only to the "Over the Hill Guys", of course.
  8. HercDriver

    Jane Doe and Joe Buck

    Yeah..Yeah!! 69 was indeed a good year! 'Going where the weather suits my clothes' What was it you said we rule, Jim?
  9. HercDriver

    The Great Football Thread

    Coach of the moment sweepstakes Maturity really sucks: you finally realize what once was such a passionate pursuit (collegiate sports, football in particular) ends up trivialized by the way we pursue it. Whether or not you like...
  10. HercDriver

    So I have been driving this 80 series....

    Bill, Again I sense you have a nose for the occult: owning a jeep is like drawing a 7 high straight. It will beat three-of-a-kind, but it won't make a player. KM
  11. HercDriver

    So I have been driving this 80 series....

    Ahhhh Bill? It was a Marshall's whimpering that spurred the need for the joke. K Jeep has always been a sore spot when it comes to club events. But it has never been in the shop in the 140k I have on it. There is nothing that can make up for the raw in the seat pants of a V-8 in a little car...
  12. HercDriver

    So I have been driving this 80 series....

    Marshall, You are making a big mistake here. You will never be happy; stick with the jeep. These 80's are not what they are cracked up to be. You should stay with the superior vehicle.....the jeep.
  13. HercDriver

    Over the Mountain Tour 07 (Tellico Summer Blowout with the Toyota Trail Team)

    Now that's where you're wrong.....and you're bad wrong!
  14. HercDriver

    Does it matter to you if UC is a part of TLCA?

    What? Me help Au contraire, bon ami ! We are all leaders, all of the time. You do great PR on the trails and at events, so don't sell yourself short, and don't stop. Plus, if you fail to participate (complain as you call it) you may be sitting on the key idea that moves the train. If only
  15. HercDriver

    Does it matter to you if UC is a part of TLCA?

    Alan, this is not a personal attack on you, your leadership, your officers, any of your volunteers, or any of TLCA's policies or positions. It is a discussion point commentary on the limits of organizations, especially volunteer organizations, and it is certainly germane to this thread. High...
  16. HercDriver

    Does it matter to you if UC is a part of TLCA?

    At the end of the day, if action is what you want, keep your money and your decision making close to home. The key question is in Marshall's second post; "More involved" with TLCA. My answer is unequivocally no. We have great talent, leadership, participation, youth and enthusiasm in...
  17. HercDriver

    Does it matter to you if UC is a part of TLCA?

    Does it matter if UC is part of TLCA? Short answer: yes, but in negative way. IH8MUD renders TLCA insignificant, intrusive, and obstructionist. MUD has done what TLCA should have, but wouldn't. So, why bother? TLCA is last month's milk!
  18. HercDriver

    UC Annual BBQ "The Great Pig in the Sky"

    Additional lost puppy named Coleman! CC is pulling your leg, Gehn. I have it secured in the garage. Ken
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