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  1. rgsiii

    Early June (Moab/RimRocker/SE Utah) Trip - Need Recs

    Personally, I think it is way too much. I would at least cut the places you are trying to go in half and try to keep the them fairly close to each other. All of the places you mentioned are fantastic (I have not been to Rimrocker). You could easily spend days in any of the single areas you...
  2. rgsiii

    10 days in Colorado

    I agree with Mike, except I think he meant mid July to August. Many areas may be impassable due to snow in June.
  3. rgsiii

    10 days in Colorado

    SW Colorado has an amazing number of trails. You could spend weeks and have a great time. Throw in some kids and things might change. Some place like Ouray is a good base for exploring the area. It is beautiful in the summer. Some links to get started 4X4 Adventures in the San Juan...
  4. rgsiii

    Lebanon - jordan trip october 2008

    Wow Philip! Next time you go let me know and I will ride shotgun.:D Richard
  5. rgsiii

    Skyline, AL - Feb 23, 2008

    I can not make it this weekend. Will it be likely that other trips will be made in the future? About a year ago, I posted a question about restarting an Alabama chapter of the TLCA. Would anybody have any interest in doing that now?
  6. rgsiii

    trip feb 3, 2008

    Great pictures!
  7. rgsiii

    wheelin pics from lebanon

    Those are wonderful pictures!
  8. rgsiii

    Yukon to Mexico

    My impression is that Toyota has a limited presence in Mexico--I believe they have only been in the country a couple of years. If their parts system is like the US one, it may be difficult to get parts for vehicles that were not originally sold in Mexico. I have to order many BJ42 parts from...
  9. rgsiii

    IH8TREES.COM or my week at Flat Nasty

    I much rather go to places with easier trails like Colorado or Moab. I went to CO and UT during the IH8TREES event. Much less likely to damage your vehicle. :D :D On a more serious note, sorry to see the damage. I have managed to get more tree damage than rock damage on my vehicles.
  10. rgsiii

    Moab for dummies

    I'm not sure if I found it--I was tagging along with a group that I met up there and they were repeat visitors and there was soooo much to see! I was supposed to stay at Murphy C on my trip, instead I was sort of adopted by this group with a group permit and stayed at another site. With the...
  11. rgsiii

    Moab for dummies

    I have a few shots of Airport at sunset and the Murphy sites. The colors really don't look right in a 30 kb file.:crybaby: The reds are not very good.
  12. rgsiii

    Moab for dummies

    I think White Rim in the Island of the sky part of Canyonlands is a great choice. It is a two day trip and it would be wise to get camping reservations ASAP. The Murphy campground is amazing, but so are most of the others. MurphyA has a great view--B and C aren't slouches either. The only...
  13. rgsiii

    Telluride to Ouray:looking for easy trails

    I did all of the passes mentioned last year except Black Bear. It sounded like more than I wanted to try--the hardness may have been Hype. I don't think the others would be bad in a stock vehicles in good weather. I had images of Imogene being a horror and it wasn't. Having said that, on...
  14. rgsiii

    Trip planning help-mexico

    I am not sure about GPS info on this site, but there is a good amount of stuff regarding going to Mexico. Most of the members seem to be from California.
  15. rgsiii

    2006 GCC Land Cruiser Poker Run

    I had a great time at it last year and hope I can get to it or the pre-run. Hopefully, it will be a little bit warmer in April.
  16. rgsiii

    glad i have a winch

    The pictures are really good. Is this like the spray on mud? :D
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