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  1. tonkota


    Nothing fancy or name brand. I don't remember what was used, its been in there since 2005.
  2. tonkota


    This is what the Delta Cam sounds like in my 2F-E wagon, tiny lope.
  3. tonkota

    Whats wrong with this picture?

    No visual inspection is allowed. Mine looks similar with a tube connecting to the air pipe from the air-cleaner assembly. No smog pump and the two hoses from that do-hickey on the fender aren't there any more either. And my overflow bottle isn't where that one is.
  4. tonkota

    Whats wrong with this picture?

    That is how my 2F-E is plumbed up in my FJ62. I no longer have a smog pump and it passes emissions just fine.
  5. tonkota

    FJ62 A440F transmission problems; anyone know a good remanufacturer?

    Find a donor FJ-60 and swap in the 4spd, run 33's and live happy.
  6. tonkota

    FJ62 - Saginaw Power Steering

    I haven't looked under the hood at all. Sad. On the bright side, my 14 year old is finally becoming interested in cars, and wants to drive the wagon, so I guess he'll need to figure that out pretty soon! Sounds like you are moving forward faster than me. Post pictures. Make a mock-up out...
  7. tonkota

    FJ62 - Saginaw Power Steering

    Holy Hell.... I still have the parts, but I haven't driven my wagon for a couple years :crybaby:
  8. tonkota

    Spartan Lockers - Any real world feedback

    Made in the USA! The Spartan Locker is a mechanical locker that installs into your stock carrier. This compact and simple design rivals much more expensive lockers. The Spartan Locker features a revolutionary spring-and-pin design that makes this drop-in locker stronger than the Lock Right...
  9. tonkota

    62 vs. 100 series

    For us, we bought a 62 because of the rear shoulder belts and the EFI. That said, I hate the automatic and will swap in a manual 4 speed this summer. I don't care about the round or square headlights. I've got some, that's the important part. :D
  10. tonkota

    fj62 needing some help

    I don't agree, nothing wrong with the 4 speed, as long as you have 33" tall tires to use with the 4.11's of the stock FJ62. I'm planning on using the 4 speed in my FJ62 and 2F-E. 4 Speed is cheap too, that 5 speed, though very nice, is a spendy piece.
  11. tonkota

    Driving a FJ62

    If I'm in a mood, I'll let her hit the rev limiter at 4500 rpm. and still doesn't wake up the sleeping police :D I suppose though, I don't mind it humming along at 3000 RPM all day long. Mine is 2-FE/A440F/4.11 gears and 31's
  12. tonkota

    FJ62: Fullylit LED lights

    How do you order from this guy? Just PM him? I can't see anything inside either.
  13. tonkota

    No idle

    Its a little small :D
  14. tonkota

    No idle

    Is there a vacuum line diagram? Some of his are not connected, not sure where they might go to. The truck seemed to run ok when he came over on Monday (pretty clean wagon!). I have a FJ62, so I can't mirror the vacuum line routing.
  15. tonkota

    Melted Rotor

    I was hoping for some cool pics of a melted brake rotor :D I have never seen that happen on any vehicle that I own.
  16. tonkota

    16 Inch Rims

    What about trailer wheels? Wheel Only 16 Inch 6 on 5-1/2 Inch Tires and Wheels | They are narrow and have the right BS I think. Would be good for tall skinny. I was curious about strength though (listed at 3040# at 80psi per wheel). Thoughts??
  17. tonkota

    tips on bumper building

    Your wagon is a fat ass! :D I suppose you are right, but 15# here and there adds up pretty fast. I already use cross drilled wires and hoses, sanded paint off in unseen places and removed several rubber grommets.
  18. tonkota

    FJ62 - Saginaw Power Steering

    I might have the pics someplace..... I lost my website (long story). And I still have not done anything with this. Though, when the 2-FE wagon is down for a 4 speed swap and rear diff rebuild, I might just have to tear into that too.
  19. tonkota

    another H42 into FJ62 thread

    This is good to know, as I'm not even sure of the year the donor 60 I have (I don't own it, just storing it while I take off my parts) is. I will need to look.
  20. tonkota

    62 front heater fan not working

    the motor brushes are probably gone. A couple years ago mine quit and I didn't have the money for a new one. I soldered in the brushes that came with my harbor freight grinder (filed them to fit) its been fine since..... I should really replace it.
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