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    Disc brake conversion

    :bang: M A F will not axept foreign creditcards..... they want a wiretransfere...yeahh right.... 40$ just to do my shopping there.....nooot I have bought a lot of stuff in the US using my creditcard, never any problem..... and now I really need the bushings.... anyone know of other places they...
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    Disc brake conversion

    Yes I know..... but I dont know when I have the time to do the PS. It's a big job, and I planned to do the disc brake conversion in two evenings :wrench: I think I found the solution here: MAF Tie Rod End Bushing We will see ! I guess it will take 5-6 days from US to Norway. if they ship...
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    Disc brake conversion

    Hi ! I'm doing a front disc brake conversion and I have a problem.... I guess I didnt do my homework :whoops: I'm using parts from minitruck and HJ60, my HJ45 tie rod ends dont fit (to small) the steering arms. So I started to search ih8mud of course...... I found out that I was not the...
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    Owners post here......

    jupp :beer: Forgot to mention: I'm working on disk brakes conversion on front axle and birfield's right now and I have all parts for power steering install. So hopefully PS install are done during this winter
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    Owners post here......

    This is my -78 HJ45. It's an old firetruck from Denmark. I have a OME 2" lift + a 2" bodylift, Aussielocker in the rear axle and a ARB locker in the front. PTO with winchrope (2,5kg instead of 15kg and much better to handle) Recaro seats, with suspension on driver side. Right now I'm running on...
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    winch for 45

    Try to get hold of a PTO, always work, it dont kill your battery and it is a original option.
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    Torque, cylinder head H engine

    My H-engine in my HJ45 has been leaking oil from the cylinder head gasket, I have replaced it, but I used the torque spec from the 2H engine. The 2H engine has a lot more cylinderhead bolts than the H engine. I used 113 NM, is that abut right for the H engine ?
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    Hj45 gvw???

    In the papers on my HJ45 it says 2060 kg. but the actual weight is 2280 (I'm about 80kg) with almost full tank and me in it. It's European spec.
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    fj45lv h diesel

    The exhaust manifoil is'nt stock, i guess it is from a 12-HT. The problem with the 2H and 12-HT manifoil is that the two middle exhaust outlets, as the picture show, they are different from stock. You have to drill four new holes for the manifoil in the cylinder head Here is my stock...
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    ARB Locker on my 45PU

    I'm afraid the RD124 fit's axels with "C- clip" That means semi-float....... Check out:
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    ARB Locker on my 45PU

    Thx very much........... 90366-50024 is used in Century GZG50 and Lexus LS400/430 and GS300/430/460 It's not used in the FJ/HDJ80 series. It seems like several Toy diff bearings can be used.....
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    ARB Locker on my 45PU

    I'm about to order a ARB locker for my front axel, I have aussie locker in the rear (works great). I have been searching and found out that I need RD33, but.... what about the bearings. "Late model 50.00mm [1.969"] ID carrier bearings (e.g., from FJ/HJ80 model) must be used. This will also...
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    'H' Diesel Questions

    I have both a H engine and a 2H they are very similar. Sinse the 2h engine is a 4 litre and the H are 3.6 there are differenses of course, crankshaft, pistons and cyliders are not the same I guess. I have used a lot of parts from the 2H on my H engine. The exhaust manifoil are nearly the same...
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    any ideas on this one guys

    I have a HJ60 with automatic gear, was slow.... but a turbo from a HJ80 (yes it's a bit to big)a big IC and 3" exhaust.... I run with a 0.9 bar turbopressure and two turns on the injection pump (more diesel) It's atleast 40"km since and it still runs great:steer:
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    I'm almost ready to mount a turbo from a Nissan Patrol 3.3 TD om my H engine, I just need to figure out how to fit the 2H manifoil. My main goal by adding a turbo (and an intercooler due to the heate) is more torqe at 1000 - 1500 rpm. I mounted a turbo on my HJ60 with great sucsess. I also...
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    My HJ45-PU

    Since we are looking at Norwegian 45's..............:cheers:
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    '45 hunting in Denmark:)

    I look forward to you bring home all the parts, maybe it's something there for me as well. I really need something to replace the toy emblem i the front, it's awful the way it is today. I found mine 45 in Denmark as well, some rust yes, but not so much. It has only run 68K km :) and was an old...
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